Monday, December 13, 2010

this photo deserves its own post... if I do say so myself

I'm so happy with how this picture came out. I love how you see almost none of the boys' features, yet each one is clearly SO TOTALLY THEM. I'm also pretty partial to Andrew's big baby belly. Oh to be not-quite-two again and have a paunch be cute!

Curaçao last day-4

All I did in post process was to crop and tilt a bit (the horizon was crooked) and make it slightly darker so it'd be a true silhouette image.

This was taken our last night on Curaçao at Hook's Hut beach. It had been kind of a crummy afternoon (read: torrential, monsoon-like rains that almost saw our rental car die on a road flooded by nearly two feet of water... where there were mere puddles twenty minutes prior) but it turned into a gorgeous evening. Peter had wanted to stay in our hotel room and play Uno (?!?) instead of packing up the boys for another night at the beach, but I won. GOOD THING or he'd still be hearing about it now!


  1. That is a wonderful photo. A keeper for sure!

  2. That is a great picture! Oh my goodness!!! So glad you won over the Uno option. hahahah (and that storm sounds crazy...)

  3. I love silhouettes and this is a great one. The sunburst, the colours of the sky, the perfect gesture of the boys. Wonderful.

  4. Love love love it! I love silhouettes!

    We're going to miss you guys at Christmas.



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