Wednesday, December 22, 2010

all I want for Christmas...

...Is for Bogota to drop about 8000 ft. 

Is that too much to ask??

Even if I'd planned to get pregnant during this year posting (which I didn't), I wonder if I would've had the forethought to google "pregnancy at high altitudes" or "the effects of altitude on morning sickness" or some sort of similar phrase. Because friends? It makes a difference.

While I have been feeling a bit better the last week or so, I still can't get over what a marked difference there was between our trip to Curaçao (Caribbean island at sea level, obviously) and or return to Bogota where we're over 9000 feet. Although I felt mostly wonderful on the island, within two hours of landing back here, I was once again feeling rotten and nauseous. 

Though that's gotten better recently, what's taken its place is a nightly struggle with insomnia. Every. Single. Night. I wake up around 2am (to pee, remember I'm almost 4 months pregnant!) and then can't get back to sleep. I find it hard to believe that I actually lay there for 5-6 hours without sleeping a wink, so I must doze a bit, but it's not the kind of deep, restful sleep that I need to function with any amount of success while parenting three little boys. Even when I'm exhausted to the point of having a headache and not seeing straight, sleep is elusive and hard to come by.

Now just guess what another symptom of altitude sickness is?? THAT'S RIGHT! Trouble sleeping!

I'm not sure if it's the morning sickness making me more susceptible to the effects of altitude, or if it's the altitude making my morning sickness symptoms worse, or if it matters. Either way, if Peter's constant reminders weren't enough, this pregnancy has convinced me that this will, in fact, be my last. I can't do this again.

Just wish I could enjoy it a bit more.


  1. Amy, glad the sickness is getting less. I remember Craig talking about the light sleep in Quito. He always said he slept a lot more here in Wash. Hope you are all ready for Christmas!!!! That has to be very fun for the boys!!!!
    Okay now I will pray for sleep for you!!!! Love and Hugs to all of you-wish you were here!!!! A. Dianne

  2. who would have ever have put the two together before actually living through it. i feel for you every post and facebook update you write. i wish i could tell you something that will aliviate the ick. here's hoping the next trimesters see some relief!

  3. Amy I'm praying for a sick free - sleep filled Christmas for you! We love you lots, and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes great!!

    - Sara


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