Thursday, July 8, 2010

one way to stay cool in a heat wave

These help effective, easy for even little kids to use, and only-cost-$5- from-Toys-R-Us spray guns help:

park pool popsicles-37

park pool popsicles-36

park pool popsicles-34

It also helps to have a husband who's a great sport:

heat wave mosaic
his eyes were super red that night... wonder why...

park pool popsicles-35

park pool popsicles-30
(Valerie, your girls are having a terrible time...)

park pool popsicles-29park pool popsicles-28

Marilou? The water fight was a bit too intense for the babies, so they ate frozen blueberries and frozen mangoes to help beat the heat (not pictured: a purple-stained Andrew).
park pool popsicles-27

park pool popsicles-26

Isn't Peter a great multitasker? Having a water fight while protecting his beer!
park pool popsicles-25park pool popsicles-24

park pool popsicles-23

park pool popsicles-22

park pool popsicles-21

I think everyone would've loved it had Peter been able to stay home with us the whole week! The kids, obviously (because he's WAY more fun than me!), and me (because, let's face it, sic kids are a lot of work and, well, because he's way more fun than me!).


  1. Way to be creative with the heat! Although I don't think I would have wanted the water in my face (Peter is a good sport). Love that he is protecting his funny! Whatever you are doing is working...the kids look like they are having a ton of fun!

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I love the pictures, as always!

  3. What a blast!!! Such a great way to beat the heat :)

  4. Awesome! I have seen those water blasters before, something tells me I'd be soaked in a hurray

  5. Great idea! Loved the photos, as always.

  6. I wonder who is having the most fun there---Peter or the kids!!!! It looks like a memorable day!!!!---or time (the famous heat wave water fight)!!!
    Hugs, A. Dianne

  7. Looks like it is a draw of who is having the most fun--Peter or the kids!!!! A memorable time of the heat wave!
    Hugs, A. Dianne

  8. Too funny, now I see why you liked the pix of Beloved and the boys in the wee pool. I'm so going to TRU for some of those water blasters!! Thanks for the tip.

  9. Such fun photos! And a definite good sport. :)

    Thank you for helping with my French, ha, or lack thereof! One day I'll take a basics class so I won't be such a numbskull. Good luck on your BIG move!


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