Thursday, February 25, 2010

the many faces of Rowan Theodore

Some more pictures from our time in Regina over Christmas... OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. (sigh) I'll get through them eventually.

These next few are of my nephew Rowan. HE. IS. A. HAM. At four years old, he is a devilishly angelic looking little boy. That's an oxymoron, I KNOW. He really is beautiful, almost cherub-looking. You might even be fooled into thinking he was cherubic... except for the wicked twinkle in his eyes and the fact that he's likely pointing his fingers-in-the-form-of-a-gun at you.
Cute, right? Right.

Proof that Simon and Rowan did get along at least some of the time.

And my sister and brother-in-law's Christmas tree. Although it looks like there was some sort of nuclear holocaust going on outside, it's really just the result of long-exposure photography. This picture was taken at around elven at night.


  1. I stood outside Rowan's pre-k class waiting to pick him up. I like looking at the children's drawings that get displayed in the hallway and so I began to look over the most recent addition: a giant letter, written collectively by the class with each child, I guessed as I read, providing one comment or question. It was addressed "Mr Giant Kitty". The questions were friendly, "What colour do you like"? And the comments "We like fish too". And one "Eat my stinky socks." I paused. Stinky socks sounded very familiar.
    Yes, his teacher thought it was great - how did I know that was Rowan's contribution? The kids thought it was very funny. It fact, apparently she had to edit Rowan's suggestions down to just the 'stinky socks' bit. Joel

  2. Very cute kid.

    And I love the colors of that tree!!

  3. Wow - he looks just like your sister! Great pictures Amy.


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