Friday, February 26, 2010

While in Regina, we were also able to attend an indoor soccer game (I'm not sure if I should say it was my sister's game or my sisters' game. Both of my sisters are on the team, but my younger sister was nursing a disgustingly multicoloured ankle after a none-too-graceful fall off the bottom step of the stairs at my mom's house. That's right. One stair. You are a picture of grace and beauty, Lyn!). My older sister, Heather (who DOESN'T HAVE A BLOG) was in goal. They boys had a great time running around the facility and might've even looked up once or twice to watch the game.

Again, to save you the trouble of having to scroll through two dozen pictures, I made some mosaics. Normally, I would only post 3-4 pictures (and only the best ones), but I like how these mosaics tell the story of whatever it was we were doing... even if I'm not completely thrilled will all of the pictures.

That's my sister in goal (2nd row, 1st on the left).

Liam with his cousin, Xavier. These two are great friends. Liam mentions 
Xavier's name eleventy billion times a week. Give or take.

If I had had to narrow it down, it would've been to these black and whites above. I know they're noisy (it was dark in there), but I love the texture of the netting, especially in the top right one where the lines lead to Simon's face. Love it.

(What do you think of the mosaics? Like them? Hate them? Should I even bother?)


  1. I for one love the mosaics. It's a great way to see a lot of images without overloading the post, and it does tell a sweet little story.

    Great photos, as usual, Amy!

  2. LOVE them. What's the site you make them on?? Looks like everyone was having a great time. Look how TALL Liam is!!


  3. I like the mosaics especially the black and white ones :)

  4. Great pictures and a good way to show several. I'm anxious for Mother to get her new prescription, so she will be able to see pictures. You gals do know how to photograph!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  5. I love them! I love how you can show them in different sizes and all. Beautiful!

  6. Great job, Amy. I like the mosaics because I get to see many pictures at a glance. Looks like they had a super time together. Great memories! Can't believe how the boys are growing!! Love, Mora/Mom/Nana

  7. HA! amy if you thought my ankle was nice, you should see the 5 day old, yellow and green bruised outline of the octagon on my forearm!

    ps-i like the mosaics too!

  8. i love the mosaics and should figure out to do them myself. i am no photographer, but they would be fun, as you said, to tell a story of how the day/event went.


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