Wednesday, February 3, 2010

gatineau ottawa newborn photography {baby Romeo}

Just wait til you see how cute this little fellow is! And get a load of his name... Romeo L'Amour. As in Romeo Love. These french Canadians are CRAZY! But we love them.

This little sweet heart is the fourth child of some friends from church. After dropping their older kids off at school/daycare, they stopped over for a makeshift photo shoot in my less-than-ideal living room. The lighting made me cringe (bright, BRIGHT, sunshine streaming in through the window instead of the soft cloud cover I've come to expect), but we made it work.

Here are some of my favourite images, with a little slideshow at the end... that I hope works.



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  1. There's only one thing to say...WOW!
    This baby is perfect!! And Amy you take amazing pictures!

  2. I'm trying to balance my bowl of cereal in my lap so that I can type this successfully...

    Those are some BEAUTIFUL pictures.

  3. Again what beautiful photos Amy. You have an amazing eye! I love his hair! The slide show worked and I will have to make one for myself with our photos. Very cool!

  4. Amy, I am just continually amazed by your talent. But, I have a bone to pick with are not helping my "I can't have a baby yet." Everytime I see your pictures I start to dream of having my own and you taking pictures of my babies. AHHHHHHH! It is a good thing I like you! lol

  5. Ok, his hair is just too much. SO, SO, SO CUTE!

    Love the pictures Amy, especially the last two.

    Every time I see your pictures it really makes me want to figure out my camera. It's like learning a second language.

  6. Beautiful! What a head of hair he has! Love them!

  7. Oy! These pictures make my ovaries ache! Just beautiful!!

  8. He's so smooshy. And he looks like he has something to say, already.

  9. Amy, you do have quite a talent! My favorite picture of Romeo is with his chin on his fists!!!!! His mouth looks like a heart!!!! Adorable child!!!!
    Hugs, A. Dianne

  10. SO. FREAKIN. CUUUUUTE!!!!! I seriously just want to pick him up and squeeze him. AHH! GREAT job Amy, I don't know what lighting you're complaining about, these turned out awesome.



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