Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Show me the magic!

A few years ago, there were some emails going around the net telling stories of children who had been badly burned by Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I'm pretty sure that disproved the rumours (they were actually about a different type of scrubbing pad), but I've remained leery of them. These "magic" erasers seemed too good to be true... What exactly is in them that makes them work so well? 

Enter our increasing shift towards more green and eco-friendly personal care and cleaning products, these mysterious and magically effective cleaning pads became unwelcome entities under our kitchen sink. They got the pitch in early 2007 when Simon was still a newborn.

Unfortunately, that newborn grew into a toddler who likes to colour on walls.

After several valiant attempts to clean the walls, using admirable amounts of elbow grease and a small arsenal of green cleaning products, with tired elbows and pleading eyes, we turned once more to the Magical Mr Clean.

And he did not disappoint.

This morning, I discovered that Magic Erasers are also great for cleaning marker off of iBook covers.

Don't ask me how I know that...

Ask Andrew.

Apparently drawing on plain old walls is SO. LAST. DECADE. This new set of trouble makers toddlers prefers expensive electronics* as their canvas.

Where was I when this computer colouring was going on Peter you may be asking? First off, I was only gone for a second, and not far. In the time it took Liam and I to walk to the kitchen to see if his 3 dimensional salt dough map of Egypt was dry, Andrew managed to pull himself up onto the chair of Liam's desk, to where the laptop was sitting. Kid is fast! Second, I have no idea where he got the marker. It's an old, odd one from who-knows-where.

I guess that's where the real magic lies... A magically quick and nibble one year old and a magically appearing marker.

Magic is clearly the ONLY EXPLANATION.

Wondering what Liam liked to colour on as a young lad? Check out this video from October 4th, 2007, when Liam was 4 years old and Simon was 10 months:

Aw, listen to his squeaky little voice! AND CHECK OUT THAT HAIR!

*The "expensive electronic" was actually a 10 year old iBook that we brought back from Regina. It hadn't even been turned on in almost two years. We were never sure if it was the screen that died, some internal wiring, or just a faulty power cord that was preventing the thing to charge. So I found a new power cord on ebay for $11 (including shipping) and the thing works perfectly. Mac really knows how to build them! We only use it for email and internet and a couple of the boys' games, which even at 10 years old, it can handle easily. Plus it only "cost" $11! Wishing you'd kept it now, Lynette??


  1. I remember that is great! Both boys look so pleased with themselves. What a riot! I'd say ALL your boys must be VERY creative!!...look at it positively and hide ALL markers and important equipment! Thanks for the smiles and glad it didn't turn out to be a real expensive episode. Love, Mora/Mom

  2. That is fantastic! I really don't know what is in those erasers, but you are right, they get out/off almost anything! Love the video. Miss you guys!

  3. I knew someone whose kid got serious burns from handling a Magic Eraser.... Apparently they are full of freaky chemicals. Just wanted to let you know in case any of the kiddies pick it up!

  4. nah, not really. it made me feel SO OLD, like i was at least 30 looking at the giant icons and blurry screen... and i guess you can consider it a christmas gift seeing as i am sure simon is loving having his own grey goo to play!


  5. "He got the polka dots." Classic!


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