Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simon: month 28 (kids' post-modern wall art)

(A day late, but I'm getting better!)

Simon, this has been a huge month for you vocally. Your vocabulary and ability to structure a sentence have grown in leaps and bounds... as has your ability to talk back to your parents and fight with your brother.

We're so proud.

A few days ago, you came up to me with a mouth suspiciously stained blue, although you said "no" when asked if you'd been eating Playdoh.

I didn't believe you.

Turns out that while I was upstairs nursing Andrew and putting him to sleep, you'd decided to not only rummage in the garbage for some dried out Playdoh, but then proceed to bite it into tiny pieces and spit them all over the floor.

Who does stuff like this?!

Then while I was cleaning up and washing the floor, you followed me around, sighing. Like I must have been doing without realizing it until I heard your imitation. However I was sighing out of frustration while you were sighing to drive me crazy because you were trying to be funny.

This morning while I was occupied with Andrew, you once again came upstairs with a colorful mouth, this time green. I asked if you were eating the crayons I left you with, happily and carefully colouring with ON PAPER. You guiltily told me you'd made a mess.

Oh great.

The Charge: Colouring on something other than paper with what has turned out to be non-washable crayons.

The Evidence:

The accused Convicted:

Me: Simon, are we supposed to colour on the walls?
You: Yes!
Me: NO. We colour on paper, not on the walls.
You: I maka big mess?
Me: Yes, you made a big mess.

Me: (sigh)
You: (sigh)
Me: Yeah, (sigh).


  1. Oh goodness...
    I'm so glad I missed that stage with my stepdaughter; I definitely wasn't in her life at the time she wouldn't have scribbled on the walls. She still tries to eat her markers, though...
    Sounds like a uh, fun day in your house! ;)

  2. I know this post wasn't meant to make us happy, but it did for me in a way! Just to know that my boy isn't the only little guy to make such messes, is kinda uplifting!


    Plus who could stay mad at a face like that? Very cute!

  3. I know it is not suppose to be funny, but with that cute face...:)
    If you need a good stuff to clean up his mess let me know, I have something magic for that kind of stain.

  4. Sweet story.

    Thanks for visiting my blog(s). I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.

  5. Oh my :)
    When my D was 4 (he is 7 now) and I was busy with my then newborn, he coloured up the walls in our main floor bathroom. The "art" is still on the wall (yes we will paint eventually). Last year one of his friends came over to visit and he came out of the bathroom and asked me "Is D allowed to colour on the walls???" HA HA, NO!

  6. oh I can SO relate!! My walls seem to get "decorated" on a really regular basis :)

  7. Oh no! Haha... but look at those eyes... how could you be mad, right? Is that a little robe he's wearing? If so... how cute!

  8. That's funny. I only laugh because I now know it's not just us who has decorated walls.

  9. Amy, that is one cute little face and don't you just wonder what is going through that little creative mind when he does such things! I am just noticing how horizontal the scribble writing is. He has been watching someone write other than type. At first I thought that was a white board that you had placed behind the little table. Love your writing-keep it up! You are also building connections with others--very rewarding! Love ya, A.Dianne

  10. Nice story..
    Wall Art


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