Saturday, November 28, 2009

sweet boy

Today we celebrated Simon's 3rd birthday with a Playmobil knight invitation, eight little friends dressed as knights and princesses, and a castle cake. I didn't plan anything in way of games or activities, just let them loose in our house with a bucket full of Playmobil and all the Lego you could wish for.

Although Peter was less than impressed with the meal time fare (no meat?), the kids scarffed down bowls full of fresh fruit, veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, tortilla chips and salsa, and two whole pomegranates worth of seeds. Oh, and the punch that Peter makes for any special occassion... orange juice, cranberry juice, and 7up. So easy, but so good.

And the cake.

The cake made of chick peas, eggs, sugar, chocolate and a bit of baking powder.


Chick peas.


And eggs.



(Except that my grey fondant ended up looking decidedly purple. If anyone knows the trick to making black fondant turn black/grey instead of purple, I'd love to know.)

Now the leftovers have been packed up, the dishes have been washed, the toys have been put away and the rest of the house generally put back in order. And upstairs, my three boys are soundly sleeping.

It was a good day.

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet boy.



  1. You make some pretty awesome cakes!

  2. Amy, What a darling 3 year old Simon!!!! Looks like he is pretty happy with the purple!!!!! Great cake!!!! Love, A. Dianne

  3. Amy, you've outdone yourself again!!! Sounds like a great party, and the cake is AMAZING!!


  4. That is awesome! I love it! As for the purple, I have the same problem. Sigh. I think next time I may try adding some red to tone the purple down... just a tad... but it may come out a bit of a brownish tint. I'm not sure. Will have to try.


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