Monday, November 23, 2009

gatineau ottawa wedding photography {Sonny & Elsa}

Back in July, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of some friends of ours from church. The bride's father is our pastor and he also officiated the service. This was my first wedding -my first big event, really- but I managed to keep my nerves (mostly) at bay and to keep everyone (mostly) in line.

I met Elsa and her mother and bridesmaids at the hair salon in the morning and stayed until the reception was nearly through. It was a loooong day (thirteen hours!) and I was crazy sore the next day. At the time, I didn't realize how much I was actually working, but I sure felt it when I woke up the following day! At first I couldn't even recall what I'd done... oh yeah, that thirteen hour wedding!

Adding to the stress of my first wedding photography gig, it was also my first time being away from Andrew all day. Peter did bring him to the bride's parent's house for me to nurse just before leaving for the ceremony, then I fed him again quickly before heading our for portraits, but other than that I didn't see him. He took two bottles that day (only his third and fourth bottles ever!) and I was verrrrry anxious to see him again at the end of the night... not only because I'd missed him, but because I was so engorged I felt like I was full UP TO MY THROAT. Did I mention I forgot nursing pads when I left the house that morning? Yeah. Well done, Amy.

But enough about me. Here are some images from the day.

At the salon. Elsa and her sisters.

Pull it TIGHT.


Looooove this one.

My favorite. You're beautiful, Elsa.


Although I wish there was a bit of movement in her veil, I still love this one. Another favorite.

So, do you think I'm ready to maybe charge some money for my services?? What a novel concept! Up til now, all of the sessions I've done have been for friends and their families. They've been gifts and I've loved doing them. But with my maternity benefits ending this week *sob* it would be nice to find something to supplement our income a bit, without it affecting our family too terribly much. How amazing would it be to actually get paid to do something I love!

Are these just illusions of grandure?


  1. Those are beautiful Amy and YES you need to charge! You are talented and have a great eye. I would pay you!

    Congratulations on your first wedding gig, it was a great success :)

  2. My first thought mean you aren't already? I can't imagine you wouldn't be in high demand...your photos are killer! If I weren't already long ago married...and well, live in Texas, I'd totally hire you :)

  3. I'd let you photograph my wedding AND pay you good money! Go for it. I love the upwards angle at the beauty parlor.

  4. Amy, I would think your friends are a good way to advertise your photography. When someone looks at these pictures-they will want you to do their weddings or family portraits. Love, A. Dianne


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