Monday, November 23, 2009

my flare boy

I Faces photo challenge this week is "Sun Flare". I knew I had a few flare pictures from a day this summer when the boys were washing the van and settled on this one of Simon. I'm still totally intimidated by trying to capture decent sun flare since the picture in my head never seems to translate well through the camera. It's definitely something I need more practice at. Unfortunately, living where we do WE WON'T SEE THE SUN FOR ANOTHER EIGHT MONTHS.

I'm kidding.

Sort of.

At any rate, having the sun lower on the horizon may actually make it easier to capture sun flare without resorting to crazy angles. Hopefully that will help make up for the fact that I'll be fumbling for my shutter button with mitten hands and squinting through frost-laden eyelashes. But let's not go there yet. I'm still holding out for a continuance of this lovely, mild weather we've been having.

To take our minds off the coming winter, lets bask in the light of a lovely August afternoon. Ah, sun flare. Ah, flare enhanced by mist spraying from the garden hose.


Hunting for this picture, I realized that I did a dismal job of blogging our summer. I have some great pictures from strawberry picking, a visit to the apple orchard, hot days by the pool or at the beach, and other summer fun. Is it too lame late to post them now?? I started this blog to record our life as a family and TOTALLY DROPPED THE BLOGGY BALL this summer.


  1. Not lame at all. I love to see your pictures. You did a great job with the sun flare!!!

  2. I agree, I love all those sun spots, great picture!

  3. I love the sun spots too. You take beautiful pictures. I look forward to seeing them.

  4. So much flare, so little time :)
    Great capture.

  5. That is a great pic! I have a "flare"ish pic from Halloween...but it was completely unintentional...and at the time I kind of thought a really cute pic was ruined...but now that I see that it's something you might want to intentionally maybe it's not so bad :)

  6. awesome shot! i love all the little solar pops!

    i have my shot posted now, too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).


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