Saturday, November 21, 2009

gatineau ottawa teen photography {Laurie & Veronique}

Someday I hope to actually get paid for my photography, but until that day, I'll keep enjoying spending afternoons like the one I spent today. These two lovelies go to our church here in Gatineau and are also our boys' babysitters. Lucky boys, eh?

Laurie is also the sister of Elsa, whose wedding I photographed back in July (I just did a search to find a post to link to AND REALIZED I DIDN'T POST ANY PICTURES! Will rectify promptly. Promise.) . She is such a sweet girl and a real beauty. Just look at her! Are you kidding me with those eyes! And that skin! AND THAT HAIR. Ugh, her hair makes me swoon. THE CURLS.

Veronique is a HUGE hit at our house. The boys literally wriggle with excitement when I tell them that Vero is coming to play with them while mummy and daddy go out. Don't let these demure looking images fool you... she is crazy fun! She is bold and confident and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her (even when she wears a shower cap to school to protect her hair when it's raining. Ha.) . She was seriously up for anything today, and I'm sure would've scalled some fences if I'd asked.

These two beautiful girls young ladies have been friends for ten years. This photo session celebrates, not only their friendship, but also Laurie's 16th birthday this Tuesday (the day before Simon's! Ack!). The are a fun, energetic, crazy, prettypretty, pair and it was loads of fun to hang out with them for a few hours.

I was so mean while we were shooting and wouldn't let them see any of the pictures just after I'd taken them. PATIENCE GILRS! I posted these images on Facebook for them to see since I hear that's how the young people share pictures these days. I don't expect them to comment over here, but if they happen to stop by, 'Salut les filles! Et bonne fete, la belle Laurie!'.


  1. Great shots. It looks like they would be fun babysitters.

  2. I also am swooning. Lovely curls, lovely ladies, astonishing sense of style that I would have killed for at 16. Are you kidding me?!

    I can't believe you don't get paid for your photography. I love the lighting and the use of background colors. Divine!

  3. Wow!! Your photography skills are to die for! Those are terrific photos!


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