Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello Buckwheat

Don't you just want to grab that tooth and yank it out?? And believe me,
I've tried. But whatever thread it's hanging by is a strong one.


  1. Oh Liam, you are getting so big!! How can this be happening so quickly?? You are growing up way too fast! You are going to want a new front tooth for Christmas, I think!! Love you, Nana

  2. Hey Liam, The BEST WAY!!!!!!!!!! Daddy had me do this one time and I hardly knew what happened!!!!! Have your Dad tie a string around the tooth and tie the other end of the string around an open door knob. Then have your Dad slam the door shut right quick!!!! It will work every time!!!
    You are growing up!!!!! Love, A. Dianne

  3. What happened to little Liam??? He looks so grown up in this picture. Can't wait to see you guys in person!!!

  4. Hey Liam...can Auntie Kristi pull out your tooth?? I am the tooth expert. My little sister always wanted me to do it. :) By the way, you aren't allowed to grow anymore. Either that, are you are going to have to carry me the next time I see you because I won't be able to pick you up! LOL!


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