Friday, November 13, 2009

in the summer of '97... or '96.

For Tia's Flashback Friday and Alicia's Friday Photo Flashback this week, travel back with me to the summer of '96...

Or '97.

I can't remember (and am too lazy to look back through my albums -albums! how quaint!- to figure it out). However I do know that both of the following pictures were taken on our summer band trip.

No, not BAND CAMP. I said BAND TRIP. Totally different and waaaay cooler (shut up! IT WAS!). Each summer from '92-'97, I spent 2-4 weeks on the road with the Regina Lions Junior Marching Band. And we were good, yo. I'm not talking about a lame parade band (although we did that too, in places like the Disneys and Sea World, and for events like the 4th of July and various Bowl game parades). We were a marching band of the Drum Corp International variety. Intricate patterns and drills, challenging musical arrangements, physically demanding... It was some serious stuff. Anyone who's seen this type of marching competition knows how cool it is. YES, COOL. We would practice for up to eight hours a day in preparation for our competitions. Which we usually won, thankyouverymuch.

dock july 97
Sorry for how dark I am here. Clearly, 1) it's exposed for the sky instead 
of me, and 2) I didn't take the picture so am not to blame.

tank july 97
 I don't remember what base this was taken on or who arranged for us to 
get to ride around in tanks and Hummers one afternoon we had off from practicing, 
but it was fun. And the guys in uniform were pretty hot impressive.

In addition to learning discipline and determination, I also had the opportunity to travel from California to Florida to Chicago to the midwest (not all in one trip!), to make close friends and HOLY SMOKES LOOK AT THOSE ABS and the no-less-impressive-but-much-less-impossible-to-ever-replicate sock tan! I mean, a sock tan (even one of that magnitude) can be recreated year after year, but a stomach like that? THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. At least not for me. And how sad that I didn't appreciate it at the time. *bangs head against wall*

Seriously. I was 5'4" (if I took a deep breath and squinted my eyes really hard in concentration) and 110lbs soaking wet. I wasn't terribly strong, but I was in good shape from soccer, rugby and, yes, marching band practice. AND I DID NOT APPRECIATE IT. I thought I had a big butt and thick ankles. *le sigh*

To know then what I know now.

Well that was a depressing reminder of what will never be a fun little flashback, eh?


  1. Love these pics and yes, marching bands are way cool! I always get chills when I get to see them. That must have been so much fun to travel and make close friends.

    That is seriously an amazing stomach! I totally remember being as thin as a rail and complaining about all my Now I am really big, but I love it because I am a mom and that's cool yo. ;)


  2. Yah girl, look at those abs!!!! And you played Rugby? That's awesome!!!!

    I was laughing at your band remarks!! Haha!

  3. You have a talent for writing and know the art of making people laugh. I love the sock tan, and you had amazing abs. Seriously! Maybe I should sign up for a band trip. (Kristi)

  4. Love the sock tan...and I didn't notice the exposure, I just had ab-envy when I saw the first photo!

  5. Where are the uniforms?? I want to see them one more time!!
    Miss Ellie

  6. Haha, I was going to say - nice six pack! That sock tan is VERY impressive...

  7. Ok but seriously, look at those abs. My god.

    Those pictures are BADASS. I loved this post. I was a total band geek too, and if I would have had the chance to do that, I would have.

  8. Ah yes, I look back on those "I hate my body" pictures and want to smack myself silly.

    I didn't even notice the sock tan until you mentioned it, but now I can't look away.

  9. I agree with Erin here, all I saw was the abs. I've yet to have anything close to that. (Of course, I've yet to put in anywhere near that much work for them either). And my hubby was in marching band, so I believe you! After all, he's pretty cool. ; )

  10. LOOK AT THOSE ABS! At least you had them once in your life. And you have proof! No such luck for me.


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