Thursday, November 12, 2009

he said

After lunch today...

Simon- Mummy, I never gonna nap again. EVER.
Me- Oh no?
Simon- Pleeeease I never gonna nap again?

After spending two hours in his room -NOT NAPPING- I finally went in to let him out...

Me- Simon, did you sleep?
Simon- No. I reada book. I yook outta window. I sit onna floor... (in a sing-song-y voice)
Me- Why didn't you sleep? You were supposed to be sleeping.
Simon- I sorry, mummy. I didin mean it. Id wassa addident. (he has a cold and this is also his new response to everything, "I didn't mean it. It was an accident.")
Me- Riiiiight.

Lucky for him, he's cute.


  1. Ah all those naps we didn't want to take as kids and all those early bedtimes we protested as kids are now laughing their butts off as we desperately crave just one more hour of sleep.

  2. oh too cute. At least he stayed in his room. I could never get my guys to do that!

  3. Hee was an accident! Good thing for me the Little Miss can't read. She just got up from not-napping, too. I'm not ready for three non-nappers!

  4. haha, how can you get upset with kids like that? Too cute!

  5. Ah, Simon. You really are lucky to be so cute - I've heard the stories! I'll be repeating them to you when you are 16 and a heart breaker, I'm sure.


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