Tuesday, October 13, 2009

all about Andrew

I have a video I'm working on showcasing about a hundred pictures I took of a lightsaber fight between Liam and Simon, so to balance things out here's a post all about Andrew.

young jedi

He started out the afternoon dressed in a very cute little brown hoodie and a blue and grey striped shirt. Thanks to a MASSIVE blow out that required a complete change of clothes and nearly necessitated a hose down outside, he ended up in this slightly garish (but warm) Tigger sweat shirt that was given to me in a bag of outgrown boys' clothes. If you know me, you'll know that I'm not big on logos or mascots or characters on my kids' clothes (exceptions made for Lego, Star Wars and a few vintage comic book super heros).

why so serious?
Why so seeeeerious you two? What's up with the Blue Steel look??


One of Peter and my favorite, FAVORITE things about Andrew is how he hugs. For a little guy, he hugs WITH GUSTO. He will wrap his little arms as tightly and as far around our necks as he can... which is not very far considering HE CAN BARELY REACH HIS OWN EARS. I don't remember the other two boys hugging us so dilerately at such a young age. Andrew's been doing it for weeks now.

tickle tickle

This poor child is subjected to more than his fair share of tickling around here... but how can we possibly resist??


  1. Love Andrew's smile!! I would LOVE one of those hugs...would his arms reach to Cairo??? I can imagine the "blow out"!! It's getting too cold out to hose him down outside now! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  2. Aww, Baby M has been hugging like that lately, and it feels so good! I love hugs!

    And that orange looks awesome! Brown and blue is cute too, but orange is great!

  3. So cute!!! I want one of those hugs. What color are his eyes? In some pics they look brown, and in others blue... help me out here.
    - Sara

  4. i can't wait to finally meet him!!! december is still so far away... ps - i bought simon $32 worth of rainbow sorbet today. our freezer is stocked just for him!

  5. My he has the biggest most beautiful eyes and that smile...


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