Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nude self portrait

Sunday I decided to take a self-portrait... in the buff. Although that implies that I was, in fact, nekkid, the less scandalous less embarrassing less interesting truth is that I was merely without makeup or any hair product. Straight from the shower.

Sorry to disappoint.

No makeup? Hair not done? Those who know me are wondering why on earth this event was picture worthy since I so very, very rarely wear any makeup or put much effort into my hair.

My reasons for this un-coiffed, un-made-up portrait are the following:
  • I wanted you all to see what I really look like. Not as "really" as my bikini clad pre-Shred full body pictures, but me "in the flesh". Unplugged. Au naturelle.
  • I need your advice on hair styles.
  • I have a challenge for you all at the end. *evil grin*
So here's the picture I took:

Yes, my pores really are that huge. Find me a paper bag.

And here I am in June of 2008, when Simon was around seven
months old (
so about the same postpartum state as I'm currently in).

Don't I look young? Aren't my pores small?? That was only two years ago!

I know you're all struck dumb by my exquisitness (not), but if you could focus for a moment, I have a question. A question about my hair... and what I should do with it. I want it to look good, but I don't know what to do with it (I'm nothing if not vain and indecisive... oh wait, I'm lazy too. Especially when it comes to my hair. Vain, indecisive AND lazy.)

I really love how my hair was the the above pictured cut. My hairstylist was also one of my closest friends, so she knew me well, knew what I liked, and knew exactly how much time (ie. how little time) I would spend on my hair each day. Unfortunately, she's no longer an option seeing as she's several thousand miles -and almost $1000- away. So here are my options:
  • Do nothing. Live with my boring, longish hair that is spending more and more time pulled back into a boring, longish ponytail.
  • Find a new stylist here in the Ottawa area to give me another short, sassy, EASY cut.
  • Get dreadlocks. Not thick, matted, nasty dreads... pretty dreads (no, mother, that is NOT an oxymoron). Like these:

What do you think? Could I pull off dreads? Would I regret getting them done? Should I just stick to another cute, short, easy-to-maintain style? CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND A STYLIST IN OTTAWA??

* * * * * * * * * *

My challenge to you, should you chose to accept it, is to post a picture of yourself without makeup and without your hairstyled. This picture is SOOC (straight out of camera) except that I whitened the white of my right eye which was heavily bloodshot thanks to my teething 6 1/2 month old.

If you decide to play along, let me know in the comments and I'll add a link to your site, so that EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU in your God-given glory. Sounds great, eh?

ETA some fellow brave and lovely mamas who decided to play along:
- Sab @ Seeds of the Heart
- Rebecca @ A little bit of Momsense
- Andrew @ a peak inside the fish bowl
- Lynn @ TurtleHead
- Capital Mom (I'm so sorry I forget your first name! *hangs head* Remind me, please!)


  1. Okay, first of all!! As if you look that beautiful au natural! Wow, you're very pretty. :) You don't NEED ANY make-up. I love your hair the length it is now - and it's got such a nice wave to it! If anything, go for a little trim, a nice blowdry, but just for fun. Don't do anything drastic with it - I love it the way it is, really!

  2. you could definitely pull of pretty dreads, and all of my pictures are unstyled and makeup free, because i have a 2mo old, and consequently no time to contemplate styling or makeup. unless a headband to keep the hair out of my eyes and the rest of it in a makeshift bun or ponytail counts... which if it does, this reflects a very sad state of affairs in this world...

  3. i don't wear makeup and rarely do my hair, although I am contemplating doing it for BOLO. You could totally rock the dreads and if you didn't like them, then you could chop them off and go for short and sassy!

  4. Oh I do so love your short haircut. I dream all the time about having a short cut like that, but I'm afraid I just don't have the committment to getting my hair cut every 4-6 it is I barely make it to the stylist once a year.

    I think the dreads are pretty but perhaps more work than you think. A friend of mine (a guy) had dreads once and when he washed his hair (not that often) it took days and days to dry. He had a special towel he'd wrap his hair in when sleeping to protect the bed.

    I don't get my hair cut very often but when I do, I go to Veigh (pronounced like "vee") at Spahara in Bell's Corners. I've recommended her to others and everyone just loves her.

  5. I like the dreads! But can you live with dreads? I don't know if I could.

    p.s. I might take you up on the challenge! We'll see. :)

  6. I think you are getting grey hair too! You should have edited that out of the picture. Aren't I a loving sis?? If you got dreads how lame would it be for me to do them, then! Copier!


  7. You look fantastic!

    I was in a sporting mood tonight and posted pics on my blog

    I really like your hair!! It seems so nice. I do love my hairdresser, Melissa at Hair Tech in Orleans.

    You look fantastic!! I had short hair like that when I first had my son too...

  8. Here you go!
    Oh, and I love the short haircut! So sassy and cute! Makes me want to do mine that way, but my current hair is 'safe'... if that makes sense.

  9. I vote short!! Although I can't actually recommend anyone in Ottawa, I'm sure someone can that will be able to achieve that cute do. Plus the easier to deal with small people hanging off you, the better!

  10. Uh,... hair,.. dreads, yes, please, pull off... Can I just say FOUR??!?! What the heck. You post a perfectly nice comment on my singleton in the city blog and when I FINALLY get around to reciprocating, I find out you are mother of FOUR??? And you BLOG? And write nice COMMENTS?

    Are you wonderwoman?

  11. Please, I beg you --- no dreads!!! They are creepy, look so unkempt and would also be the things for Andrew to pull at. Go for the short do --- hair grows so you have variety along the way. Peter --- help!!! I'll even forgive your pride in Simon's sculpturing efforts.
    Miss Ellie

  12. I like your long hair, at least its got some curl to it! Mine is poker straight! LOL
    Maybe you could look up different ways to tie your hair up.:)

  13. i know that you have been waiting for MY advice b/c i am, lets face it, prolly the one who spends the most time on herself in our family!

    1 - i agree with heather! you are going grey!
    2 - i agree with heather! no one likes a copier (people also don't like sisters who steal their clothes and the only way you can get them back is when you stay in their overly creepy house with serial killers lurking in the basement when they go away on vacation... ah, focus!)
    3 - to have really nice ones, you have to have at least nip length hair (in my opinion)
    4 - if you do get your hair cut, do something different! spice it up a little amy, you are getting into a hair funk and pixie is SO last season... i suggest a bob a-la victoria becham (also last season but i think you can pull it off)
    5 - the only good thing about you getting dreads that i can see is that you never wash your hair anyways, so the upkeep will be no different from your everyday!!!


  14. All of my pictures are makeup free and I still don't think they are as good as yours.
    I have finally found a great stylist. Just got my hair cut last week by Suzanne at The Loft on Elgin and I love it. She was great.

  15. Here's my entry:

  16. Done!

  17. Um, you don't look a day older in the first picture vs the second and holy hannah I love your short do in the second. I also like your longer hair but I have wavy hair too and understand that it takes some work!

    I vote for a new short do and I actually do know a stylist in Ottawa. Let me know if you are interested and I'll FB her and get her info.

  18. I wear my hair quite short normally (when I'm not trying to grow it out) and I always feel so sassy and well...beautiful when it's super short. I think that people who are willing to consider something out of the ordinary, perhaps colour, length, or in your case DREADS...should TOTALLY go for it. What's the worst thing that could happen? If you don't like it then you will have to go with my second choice which is a sassy short style!! PS-my pores have gotten larger too! I hate them, I used to love my skin.

  19. I am a fuss pot when looking for a stylist/colourist. Hey, for years I still travelled back to Toronto for haircuts. I have really thick hair and it's curly-the kind that scares a lot of stylists.
    I go to Byblos (in the Glebe and moving down the road more towards the Police STation on Elgin at the end of August)
    Lucy is the best colourist evah! AND Sofia cuts my hair. She has shorter hair and is beautiful and does what you want but also gives good opinions. She is a transplant from Paris!!!

  20. I've looked at these "naked" photos and I seriously don't even understand why it's remotely risky for any of you who've participated so far -- you all look perfect -- like, out-of-a-Dove-advertisement perfect.

    Now, the hair issue ... you have such great curly hair and it works well long AND short. Just go for something that takes your fancy - you seem like you want a change - so go for it!

    I recently cut my hair short-short because I am sooo lazy with blowdrying and my long hair looks like a frizz ball without a blowdry. The short thing is super easy. But like one of the other commenters mentioned, it does require a commitment to getting it trimmed regularly. I don't really like that expense, but c'est la vie. BossArts in the downtown core (Al or Renee) is good.

  21. Long time lurker, first time commenting.

    Well I've taken a couple of au naturelle pictures this morning and just don't seem to have the courage to do it. Not that I do anything. I don't wear make-up and it takes me 5 minutes to do my hair, but it still seemed a little too close up for me.

    I love dreds, but they are heavy maintenance for the first little while. And then you have to keep them up and when you don't want them any more, you basically have to shave your head.

    Love the pixie cut. With your curl, it would look awesome. The three stylists at 321 Lisgar are great. Don't know if they are taking any new clients, but it's worth the call. They are great. Go on a Friday afternoon and you get a glass of wine!

  22. wow thanks to share,i always came to visit ur blog :)

    good place to get dreads in ottawa if your interested.


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