Thursday, July 23, 2009

is it a fullmoon or something??

Thanks to all who responded to my post about the dreads. Did you notice that my family commented? ALL of them?? That is THE FIRST POST that my mom AND both my sister have commented on! Boy, dreads bring 'em out of the woodwork, eh? Bunch a crazies.

(I noticed that my lovely mother-in-law has refrained from commenting. She's too sweet and/or polite to say what I'm sure she's thinking. *waves* Hi, Mora!)

To save you all the trouble of going and finding their comments, I'll copy and paste them for you reading pleasure.

First up, my older sister, Heather:
I think you are getting grey hair too! You should have edited that out of the picture. Aren't I a loving sis?? If you got dreads how lame would it be for me to do them, then! Copier!
The dear old mum:
Please, I beg you --- no dreads!!! They are creepy, look so unkempt and would also be the things for Andrew to pull at. Go for the short do --- hair grows so you have variety along the way. Peter --- help!!! I'll even forgive your pride in Simon's sculpturing efforts.
Miss Ellie
Finally, my thinks-she's-funny, unable-to-capitalize younger sis, Lynette:
i know that you have been waiting for MY advice b/c i am, lets face it, prolly the one who spends the most time on herself in our family!
  1. i agree with heather! you are going grey!
  2. agree with heather! no one likes a copier (people also don't like sisters who steal their clothes and the only way you can get them back is when you stay in their overly creepy house with serial killers lurking in the basement when they go away on vacation... ah, focus!)
  3. to have really nice ones, you have to have at least nip length hair (in my opinion)
  4. if you do get your hair cut, do something different! spice it up a little amy, you are getting into a hair funk and pixie is SO last season... i suggest a bob a-la victoria becham (also last season but i think you can pull it off)
  5. the only good thing about you getting dreads that i can see is that you never wash your hair anyways, so the upkeep will be no different from your everyday!!!
Let me start off by addressing a very important point... I AM NOT GOING GREY! Those are natural highlights! HIGHLIGHTS!

I have yet to decide what to do with my hair. If I'm ever going to do dreads, I think it needs to be now. That way I can enjoy them for a few years before moving overseas. If I'll be required to be involved in any embassy "stuff", I would probably be in my best interests to not look like a dirty hippy look presentable. However, I think I need to do a bit more research before I make a decision.

P.S. Lynette, get a blog already.


  1. LOL your sisters are hilarious!

  2. Hahahahaha....! Gosh, I need some sisters. :)

  3. I wish I had sisters! Wait, I have a smart aleck mother, who needs sisters to pump it up four notches.

  4. just so everyone knows, it is NOT an inability to use capitals, it's a choice! a lifestyle really! JUMP ON IT!

    and one more thing amy... WHEN i start my blog, it will be fascinating! i shall call it "MORTICIA: my life with the dead list"! catchy, huh?! admit it amy, u'd read it!

  5. well, first of all, you CAN look nice and 'official' with dreads, have them pulled up in a pony tail or another type of updo (esp. if you get extensions) makes them almost unnoticeable yet keeps their 'charm' present.

    Second, ahhhhh... I probably need more sleep to get my sense of humor back, but you do have to keep your hair clean in order to have nice dreads. So if you don't like washing your hair and spending hours for regular maintenance, then forget about dreads. hahahahahahaha. eh, that almost sounded like a forced laugh.

    and I tried to stay from voicing my opinion because you know how partial I am to dreads. Aside from my obvious 'yay' vote for dreadlocks, I'll say you look awesome with pixie cut. Don't go for fashion, go for personal style. The first defines vanity, the second defines creative thinking and personality. I love me some vanity from time to time, but only when it doesn't contradict my personality ;)

  6. Is it too late to cast a vote for dreads? Nothing like a funky mama with wild hair...

  7. OK....guess I need to get in on this discussion. I figured I was too old and out of date for a discussion on hair styles. My really honest opinion, Amy, is that I love your hair the picture you posted. It really suites you and brings out your wonderful facial features as well as your personality. It is classy in a fun way. Words that come to mind are: energetic, fun, care-free etc. It doesn't take a lot of time or effort for upkeep which is good for a busy mom. I think you look great in that kind of a cut! So...I've weighed in!
    Love, Mora/Mom/Nana


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