Friday, July 3, 2009

Canada Moms Blog Road Trip '09

Thursday afternoon, a few of us Ottawa bloggers had the chance to meet up with Catherine from Her Bad Mother and Katie from motherbumper. Catherine and Katie are driving across Canada (sort of)... WITH THEIR KIDS. The Canada Moms Blog Road Trip '09 started in Moncton, drove to Ottawa, flew to Edmonton today, and will make its way to Vancouver. Best of luck, ladies. Godspeed.

Now on to the photos, starting with a few of my boys.

PhD in Parenting's little girl. Big blue eyes and a dirty face.
So sweet. And seriously, look at those eyes!

This cutie belongs to @solemom. As soon as the road trip kids ripped off their
clothes and threw themselves into the water like caged animals tasting freedom for the first
got in the water, you could tell he was like, "THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR."

Her Bad Mother's Emilia. I think this is a very sweet picture of her although I wish I'd
gotten more of her little face. I love the sandy toes best.

motherbumper's little Gigi. I love that this picture could've been taken in any
of the last six decades. (Did any of you read the Bobbsey Twins growing up?
Gigi and Emilia are like Nan and Flossie. One dark and one fair.)

Her Bad Mother's not-so-baby Jasper. This little guy could NOT WAIT to
stretch his pudgy little legs after being pent up in the car, stuck in traffic, for
so many hours. I wouldn't stay still long enough for pictures.

The whole gang. Here's the link to the picture on Flickr with everyone tagged in it.
Sassymonkey was there and graciously offered agreed to hold Andrew so I could
tend to my other two boys. I didn't get any good pictures of Capital Mom's kiddos in
their cute hats, but hopefully I'll have another chance soon.

PhD in Parenting's little/tall man. He's only four but is the same height
as my 6-year-old (who's not short, by the way). This child is soooo polite.

And this, THIS, is lalawawa's (from Crosswind) little girl. She was a total
ham for the camera, but I didn't check my settings before shooting so the
first few were out of focus.
She's beautiful.

Lalawawa was good enough to bring a big cooler full of lovely snacks - strawberries, blueberries, cheese, cookies, juice (there may've even been some wine... shhhh) - and my kids went and knocked most of it into the sand. Nice. We left shortly after.

It was so nice to meet some more local bloggers, and great to put an in-the-flesh face behind the amazing writing that can be found over at Her Bad Mother and motherbumper.

Enjoy the rest of your trip ladies. I'm sure you'll survive.

(HERE's the link to the Flickr set, and HERE's the giant versions.)


  1. Awesome, Amy! I wish I was there! The children are all so beautiful! And the pics are great! Looks like you all had fun!

  2. i love the pic of simon carrying the truck with liam on his back... funny though how when sampson got all his hair chopped off, he was as weak as a mouse! well, that is what it looks like to me anyways!

  3. Great pictures! It was lovely to meet you. Sorry that we had to leave before you got pictures of my kids. To be rectified next time.

  4. Thanks for the pics Amy. They are beautiful!! DS says he would love to play with Liam again and DD wants to play with the "blue boy" (referring to Simon's blue coat).

  5. OMG - these pictures are SO GORGEOUS! Totally linking up to this and it was so wonderful to meet you.

  6. Looks like a great time! And your pictures are beautiful.

  7. Sounds like it was a great time! Love the blogger hook-ups!


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