Thursday, June 4, 2009

thursday thirteen - revisited

HERE's my original post stating the 13+ things I'd like to get/have done while my mom and inlaws were visiting.

Here's the revised list:

1. replace screen in the front and back doors check
2. fix the locks on the screen doors so that Simon can't help himself to the great outdoors check
3. level the stove so I can make round pancakes instead of ovals
4. fill the holes in the bathroom wall from where Simon pulled off the towel rack
5. figure out where the water in our fridge is coming from
6. hang pictures in the living room so it looks like we've been here 11 months instead of 11 days Decided to wait on this until after we paint.
7. organize the boys' closet so that my almost-six-year-old isn't still wearing size 2T shirts check. PLUS all of next season's clothes for Simon and Andrew are ALREADY packed up together, ready to be pulled out in the fall. It makes me a little giddy to think about.
8. wash all the ziplock bags that I insist on reusing, but HATE washing check. My mom is a saint.
9. figure out how to fix my sewing machine since the repair shop only had nasty things to say about it.
10. replace a small section of dry wall in the storage room closet
11. build a patio or small deck of some sort
12. clean the range hood fan over our stove
13. maybe paint?

So only 4 out of 13. Hmmm, I thought it was more than that... We did also pick up some items needed to complete #10 and #12, but didn't get to them.

In addition to that list, here's the other items that were completed:

1. build a play structure/swing set in the backyard in time for Liam's party
2. re-pound all the fence posts that worked their way out during the freeze-thaw marathon this spring
3. re-hang both gates so they don't rub/creak/pull and do actually line up with the latches
4. re-purpose a small shelf in the garage
5. build a monster shelf/work bench in the garage that is essentially holding the whole place up
6. remove garage door, trim several inches off the bottom so that said doors can open without scraping the ground (Anyone looking to give away a older, but still working, garage door? Call me.)
7. build an awesome little play kitchen for Simon out of garage sale finds, free stuff and scrap lumber (will take and post pictures when it's been prettied up a bit)
8. capture and train several small elves to magic away dirty clothes as soon as they hit the floor and have them reappear a short time later, clean AND folded
9. vacuum and clean out our van (Bless you, Mora!)

So these nine plus the four from above is thirteen. But don't worry, it wasn't all work. Flowers were seen, a baby was dedicated and a testimony was given, parties were had, debts were paid, walks were taken, rocks were thrown into rivers, parks were played at, museums were visited, and bowling balls were bowled. In addition to those things, many books were read, hugs were given, and lots of fun was had. And look how much of it I still have to blog about! You're all going to get tired of seeing all the pictures I have to post. Many, many pictures.

While it's good to have my house to myself and be able to wear pyjamas most the day guilt-free, it was so fun to have my mom and Peter's parents here for a visit. It crossed my mind more than a few time how much my dad would've enjoyed helping Peter with all the little (and big) projects in and around the house, and it still makes me sad to think that my younger boys didn't get the chance to know him. However it made seeing them love -and being loved by- their remaining grandparents that much sweeter.

We miss you Grandma, Nana, and Papa!

(Sadly, magic elves have since disappeared or escaped. It's so hard to find good help.)

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  1. woohoo the satisfaction of crossing off the list is so fulfilling

  2. Isn't it funny how our lists just keep growing and growing *sigh*

  3. LOL! Yeah, my to do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking, too... where did you get your play structure from?

  4. It sounds like you've been VERY productive. I can't say the same, myself... Ugh.

  5. Oh, I was hoping to ask for your little elves to transfer here! Oh well. :)

    I was about to say that you did do 13 things... hahaha. Don't you love checklists? I'm so bad I'll add to mine things I've already done so I can have the satisfaction of checking them off! Haha.

  6. Wow.
    Look at you guys, accomplishing so much. I'd better get my act together....

    Can't wait to see Simon's new play kitchen!


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