Thursday, May 7, 2009

thursday thirteen

For my first time participating in Thursday Thirteen, I'm listing items that I would like to get done/taken care of this month during both my mom's visit (hi, mom!) and while Peter's parents are here (hi, C & M!):

1. replace screen in the front and back doors

2. fix the locks on the screen doors so that Simon can't help himself to the great outdoors

3. level the stove so I can make round pancakes instead of ovals

4. fill the holes in the bathroom wall from where Simon pulled off the towel rack

5. figure out where the water in our fridge is coming from

6. hang pictures in the living room so it looks like we've been here 11 months instead of 11 days

7. organize the boys' closet so that my almost-six-year-old isn't still wearing size 2T shirts

8. wash all the ziplock bags that I insist on reusing, but HATE washing

9. figure out how to fix my sewing machine since the repair shop only had nasty things to say about it.

10. replace a small section of dry wall in the storage room closet

11. build a patio or small deck of some sort (if we haven't already done it by then)

12. clean the range hood fan over our stove

13. maybe paint? (Peter, I can tell you're shaking your head, but I'd love to get rid of the watery-green in our living room and the flesh-colored kitchen walls. Think of how quickly it'll go with all the extra paint-brush toting, child-tending hands!)

This list may get longer as I think of new things... in which case it will no longer be a Thursday Thirteen. However, this is one of the best ways I know to keep track of this list, so I'll add to it should the need arise.

(Still coming, mom/Craig/Mora? Should I also list thirteen fun things we'll do??


  1. now your to do list is made all that is left is to do it:)

  2. great list! WELCOME to T13!!

  3. Long list and I am new to the 13 as well.

  4. Holy long to do list! GOOD LUCK, Amy!

  5. Good luck with completing your tasks. And now I'm thinking of all of the things I would like to get done. . . .

  6. Good luck! I love making lists... it feels so good to check things off!

  7. I think my neighbors do the same thing when their parents come to visit. Every time I see them coming to town to visit their grandson they get put to work around the house. Grandkids seem to be great bribery for free labor ;0)


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