Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I never knew!

I was reading over at Dutch Blitz about urbandictionary.com . I decided to enter our names to find out their definitions according to Urban Dictionary. Here are the results:

- Peter is a name for a lovely, lovely boy.
- Sweetest man, "absobloodylutely amazing", perfect...no other words that describe you better.
- A name for a courageous boy.
- Another word for penis. (ouch! Sorry hun.)

- Is the worlds best electric guitarist, but no one knows yet because he is still young.
- A small boy who is normally mistaken for a penguin. He may also have a girls voice. (hun?)
- A wonderful person full of enthusiasm and fun. Liam will always have a shoulder for you to cry on unless they are both occupied which will happen a lot because he is such a kind positive guy. (awww)

- Of Simon and Garfunkel, the one that is not Garfunkel. (snort)
- Deadly assassin, often referred to in French as "Le Legume" (meaning: The Vegetable) and in Japanese legend as "Yasaiitame" (meaning: Fried Vegetables). Saying any of these names in their respective countries of origin will get you punished for "Breaching the Peace". Despite the name, Simon (actually pronounced Sim-own-ay) does not appear to use vegetables as part of his assassination methods, although the Tomato is his calling card. At present, it is not clear how he assassinates people. The only information Interpol have uncovered to date is that he has webbed ears - probably prosthetics - and that he can lick both of his own elbows simultaneously. This information was given just as his latest confirmed victim (Patricia Hewalinger, 2006) was dying of laughter. Internet rumours have spread since mid-2007 that if an unknown entity, which for security reasons has been dubbed "PAT", goes down - ie, is killed - it will take Simon with him. The global search continues. (That's hilarious!)
- The most amazing, caring individual you'll ever meet. His impressions will make you giggle, and his smile will make you melt. He may look tough and mean, but in actuality he is the sweetest person ever. (That's more like it.)

- The most amazing person ever. Andrew's are super cool. Everyone loves Andrew. No one can live without Andrew.
- A name describing the most adorable little kid you will ever meet.
- A simpler person. A very cool guy, who rocks out on bass. So it goes. (Good, he can join his guitar-playing brother.)
- The newest breed of penguin. (TWO penguin sons??)

And last but not least...

- To take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.
- Simply put, Amys are a gift to the world. notorious for their astonishing good looks and captivating, irresistible charm, Amys have been the center of many (if not most) a mans fantasies. Amys will haunt your dreams. The unfounded sexiness paired with the fiery, passionate personality is something no other living being could accurately replicate. A unique yet defining characteristic of Amys is their effortlessly superior sandwich-making abilities. if they cannot create delectable sandwiches, then, they are fakes. A commonly used phrase among Amys - "You can imitate, but you can't replicate". (Wow! This definition is SPOT ON, eh?)
- Of, exhibiting, or afflicted with insanity. (This one, not so much...)


I've wasted enough time this afternoon.

Edited to add: Not all definitions are nice. Most seem to be written by 13-year old boys... you'll see what I mean if you decide to search for your name. I obviously picked the ones I liked.


  1. Wasn't that FUN? I'm loving everyone's responses :)

  2. alright, you should've given a warning that not all definitions are that sweet and flattering ;)

  3. Sorry Olya! I added a disclaimer.

    Now you KNOW I'm going to have to go look up your name...


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