Wednesday, April 8, 2009

way to go, adsense

Not sure if you noticed the ad space I added to my blog recently. Google AdSense is designed to search your site for content and find relevant ads to post. RELEVANT ADS.

So what ads have been popping up on my blog this week?

How about ones for "how to repair a toilet", "auto sensor flushing toilets", "waterless toilets" clearly thanks to this post and this one.

in response to my mention of cereal, there are ads for cereal diets and All-Bran. Not overly offensive EXCEPT THAT I HAVE A GROWING AVERSION TO COLD CEREAL OF ALL KINDS.

And since my last post about breastfeeding, there are now FOR FORMULA -argh!- and for NESTLE, a company that I consciously boycott (see wikipedia's article on the Nestle boycott or just Google it).

So now I'm rethinking the whole ad thing. Maybe I'll give it a month or so to see if it's worth it. Maybe I'll do a little experiment to see what kind of ridiculous ads will appear based on my content... hmmm...

If you're reading this, leave me a comment and let me know what ads are being displayed? Anything good??


  1. lol, formula ads, why am I not surprised. With the other two examples the ads were at least *relevant*, but with the formula ad, well, that's a joke...

  2. I want to do this too! I wonder what kind of ads I'll get? Interesting...

    I was wondering - how much money do you make off them placing ads on your blog? And how do you get paid?

  3. Amy,
    Looking at you blog to see how I can help you with some larger images: I think you might need to widen your main wrapper or switch from a 3 column template. These are the settings I use:
    outer wrapper: 880 px
    main wrapper: 690 px
    sidebar: 180 px

    But pictures are a priority for me so I want that wider main wrapper to display them. And I usually have to do it at the cost of sacrificing info. that would normally go into a sidebar. Choices, huh!

    Even keeping your settings as is, you should be able to make your images larger but you will have to play around to find your perfect size (so the images don't just disappear). It seem (just eye-balling it that you need to set it to about s500-- then experiment to see if you can go larger.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping in at my blog! The ads I saw were toilet ones, a formula one and saving water, I believe. I get this wrinkle ad show up all the time on my blog I'm sure it's because I post coupons for skin products! Other than that, I find most ads are quite relevant.


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