Thursday, April 9, 2009

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little

You've got to be kidding me.

The scary thing is that people will totally buy this junk.


  1. I KNOW, okay, I love bad for you snacks, but this is ridiculous! I walked right by this at the grocery store last week. NO THANK YOU! I have to say I love Goldfish crackers, though. MMM! My boys love them too. I always include, along with the crackers, raisins, banana and cheese for their snacks. A little bit of everything. Oops, except veggies!

  2. Know what's worse?!? When you have TWO Moms (Hubs' and mine) who will buy their grandkids all sorts of crap just like this. And then you end up with TWO boxes of this crap in your pantry. UGH!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog with all the wonderful carnival suggestions. You also made me realize I *don't* have any easy way to find my win of the week posts - I'll get something up soon!

  3. I'm SOO glad I'm not the only one that's like, throwing up over it.

  4. Blech - I would be curious to see the 'nutritional' info too.

    Goldfish is a treat around here - and I don't mind giving treats - but come on!

    (but, guilty confession: I loved no-name spiral mac and cheese when pregnant with the Girl!)

  5. Thank goodness J doesn't like the 'blue box' or he would be asking for those crackers I am sure, since he is such a cracker fiend.

  6. Hi Amy,

    We ended up having some cozy couch time with the kids yesterday with the laptop looking at some recent pictures. I switched us over to your blog and everyone enjoyed seeing baby Andrew, Liam's new haircut, and his lego review.

    Your blog is great. I would love to do some meal planning with you. I have been trying to be good about that and I'm inspired to feed my kids less cold cereal. Hope you guys have a great Easter Sunday!

  7. mmmmm, sounds good! haha. Yes, that is pretty gross. I didn't even know those existed! What will they come up with next?...

  8. right there with you on that one!! ewwwwww!!!
    was having trouble signing in with my google id and am NAKing......hence the different idenity!! :o)


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