Tuesday, April 14, 2009

shopping round up - April 14th

Did some shopping today.

This is at least two weeks worth. Hopefully the milk will last even longer since I don't plan to feed cereal to the boys or eat it myself.
- 2 x 4L (1 gallon) of milk ($5.31 each, might be able to find it for a few cents less, but milk -even non-organic, non-raw, pasteurized, homogenized milk- is not cheap here )
- 1 x 16 yogurts ($4.99, although I don't normally like to spend more than $4.44)
- 4 x 500g cheese ($4.44 each, this is the lowest price around here so I stock up)

- 3 dozen farm fresh eggs ($3.49/dz, I could get cheaper eggs at the grocery store but prefer the fresh, local, free-run eggs... like these little brown lovey-lovelies.)

Fruit and Veggies
Luckily there are still several oranges and apples left from last week. The grapes will mostly go into smoothies with spinach from last week.
- frozen raspberries ($4.99, I had a $1 coupon THAT I FORGOT TO USE. argh.)
- tomatoes ($.99/lb)
- red seedless grapes ($.99/lb)
- bananas ($.69/lb)
- broccoli ($.99)
(hard to get a picture with the little grape thief in the shot)

Our secret shame
Yeah, we drink pop. I would really, really like to stop buying this swill. We all drink water for meals, but Peter and I like to drink something else if we're sitting around at night. Peter Italicespecially. Maybe I need to do more research on how awful this stuff is for us. To convince me. Cause knowing it's full of HFCS, chemicals and besphinol-A clearly isn't enough.
- 3 x 18 cans of pop ($4.44 each *please note that this will last us at least two months, this is not a weekly purchase*)

Total: $82.19 (~$15 of which was pop. ew.)

More shopping lists (many of which are much "better -as in more for less- than mine) over at The Grocery Cart Challenge's shopping roundup.


  1. We drink alot of pop (we call is soda around here) as well-it is really not good but we like it! Did you post a recipe for the grape smoothies? If not I would love it! Sounds like something my kiddos would enjoy (if I did not tell them there is spinach in it of course)!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, I think you did great! Lots of yummy produce. Love that price for grapes. Wow! As long as you're reducing even a bit you're doing good. You're number might be different than other budget numbers.

  3. I think I missed a blog somewhere - when and why did you decide not to eat cold cereal? I wish I could plan ahead like you! Those meals look and sound amazing!

  4. There definitely is a huge sense of satisfaction from shopping on a sensible budget and sticking to a meal plan...you are doing a great job! And thanks for sharing your strengths and weaknesses (the soda - ha, ha!) because it makes me feel better about myself! I don't drink soda, but we haven't cut out processed foods as well as you have... Enjoy dinner with your friends - there is nothing like having someone else cook for you...which is what my mom is doing right now while I sit on the computer!

  5. Well done - frozen berries are so great, but I wish they weren't so expensive (although superstore, when on sale, has them for 3.99)

    I drink pop, but try to limit myself so I do feel your shame ;)

    Where do you get your eggs?

    Great job!

  6. I can never give up my diet pepsi!

  7. @MOMMY Next time I make smoothies, I'll remember to measure. Maybe I'll even take pictures.

    @Gayle $.99/lb is my "buy it" price for grapes. They're normally 3X that, especially in winter. However once in a while during summer I can find them for $.79/lb. That's when I'll buy loads, wash, and freeze them.

    @Sara I'm working on a post about the cereal. Read it at your own risk.

    @Susie I'm so jealous of you in the States and all the couponing you can do (have you checked out pinchingyourpennies.com? I think they have sections for each state). Most of what we can find here are for things like cleaning products (I use baking soda and vinegar almost exclusively) and personal care products (again, a lot BS & V, and the other stuff we use is never Olay or Johnsons & Johnsons, etc). I should send you a list of all the great US sites/blogs I've found...

    @Rebecca SS had the Europe's Best brand on for 2/$4 last week, but I didn't see the flier til Thursday (the night the sale ended). We don't have SS on this side of the river, so I have to check the flier online to see if it's worth driving over for anything. In this case, I would have since I have a bunch of $1 off coupons for Europe's Best. So that would've been 2/$3. $1.50 each when they're normally $5.99 is pretty great.

    I get the eggs at Herb and Spice on Bank St. They're $3.49 each. I'd been getting some straight from a farm near our church here in Gatineau (for $3/dozen), but they're almost always out everytime we go. I know there's a place near Buckingham where you can get free-range eggs for $2.50/dz (I think they sell meat too), but I can't see driving 45min each way for eggs. Peter works on Albert and Bank downtown so it's only about 7 blocks from there. Although $1 less a dz would save us $6-8 a month... We eat a lot of eggs!

  8. @Loukia Oh Loukia, you'd be better off with the regular! Diet soft drinks are ALL KINDS OF BAD FOR YOU!

  9. Drinking cola causes osteoporosis, especially in women. My mother-in-law drinks A DIET COKE A DAY! I've mentioned how awful it is for her to drink, but alas, she will not concede. Good Luck with trying to stop!

    On another note. Constipation. I know,lovely! You mentioned in a previous post about being constipated even though you were drinking those green smoothies. If the bananas you were using in the smoothie were extremely ripe that will definitely cause constipation. Green bananas or semi-green bananas have the opposite effect. I avoid overly ripe bananas just for this reason. Hope this helps.


  10. If you're ever on the Ontario side of the border milk is always $3.97 at Wal-mart with the exception of a rare week before a big promotion.

    I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive milk since we go through so much here! (Your two weeks worth of milk in about half a week :S )

    After reading your blog you have me thinking I should write a grocery post of my own!
    For a household of 2, sometimes 3, I have our grocery budget down to $25/week -- for the most part.

    Great blog!


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