Monday, April 13, 2009

meal plan - April 13th

Before I get to this week's meal plan, here's a pictorial update on last weeks' plan:

Monday - homemade pizza on rice/sorghum crust (spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and intended to use some of the peppers but forgot)
Tuesday - roasted chicken, pasta salad and fresh bread (rice pasta, rice wine vinegar, peppers, tomatoes, carrots)
Wednesday - roasted yellow pepper and carrot soup using homemade ham stock with fresh bread (carrots, yellow peppers, maybe a couple potatoes). I ended up skipping the potatoes and went with a head of garlic and a couple zucchinis instead.

So from this,
to this,
to this. Yum.
Thursday - leg of lamb with Simple Stir-Fried Cabbage, some sort of potatoes -ideas?- and roasted zucchini and cauliflower. This got pushed to Easter Sunday which was nice. We fed the boys sandwiches then headed to the mall to watch our church's youth group perform a play. When we got home, Peter and I ate that Delissio Pizza I bought with a coupon last week. Oh, and we opted for Caesar salad with homemade croutons instead of the stir-fried cabbage (moved to this week).

Friday - Caesar salad with real bacon and homemade croutons for potluck at church (giant romaine). Check, check, check. But didn't get a picture.

Saturday - leftovers. No pictures.

Sunday - quiche (any roast veggies that are left) I actually made quiches Friday afternoon for us and a family from church who came over to visit and divide the 5 gallons of coconut oil that we ordered. Like I mentioned above, we had the leg of lamb last night but we were too hungry and impatient to stop for pictures.

The fliers this week were pretty disappointing other than cheap tomatoes, cucumbers (which we have), broccoli (which we kind of overdid this winter), and a few good deals on fruit (but I can't plan a supper around blackberries). I'm at a bit of a loss for meal ideas to plan around them. I do have a couple of ideas that will hopefully take us til Wednesday night so I can see if the new fliers will be any more impressive. I just wish it didn't mean two grocery trips this week instead of one.

Monday - A lovely curry at our friends' house. No cooking for me!

Tuesday - Grilled tilapia (from the freezer), last weeks' stir-fried napa cabbage, something with carrots (either raw or grilled).

Wednesday - Either corn chowder from the freezer or soup from the lamb stock I'm making. I'd really like to make Scotch broth but I don't have all of the ingredients (manly turnips and leeks). I think I might hold off on the Scotch broth and go with the corn chowder. I'll be making fresh bread to go along with it.

Thursday - Maybe some bison and lentil burgers if I can find a recipe or a bit of direction. I'll make some homefries and some sort of salad or vegetable as well. Hopefully my bread recipe will lend itself well to burger buns.

Friday - Supper with super friends. We're bringing the wine.

Saturday - Another supper out with friends. We're so popular.

Sunday - Not totally sure about supper, but there's a spaghetti dinner at the church for lunch. Maybe we'll do beans and rice in home made tortillas (wanna send me your tortilla recipe, Elise??).

Looking back over this list, I might be alright regardless of what the Wednesday fliers hold. Being invited out 3 nights out of 7 makes a big dent in the grocery bill, eh?

Goals for this week:
- Make some more calls about buying a 1/2-full cow or a 1/4-1/2 a bison.
- Start some veggies from seed with the boys' help.
- Get the boys more involved in meal prep. I've been feeling convicted about how rushed I am at supper time and how often I turn down their offers to help. They want to be involved and I should be jumping at the chance to spend time with them, teach them, and foster that desire to help and be involved.
- Learn how to make yogurt (Simon's goat yogurt costs twice as much as the milk, so making my own would save at least $7/month).

Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to share next week.

Click on over to for more of Meal Plan Mondays. Check back later this week for my grocery list with pictures.


  1. Good heavens, Amy! You could publish a cook book, those meals all look so delish! And so pretty! I want to try to make the soup... yum! :)

  2. Just spending a bit of time thinking of all that and writing it down must help so much. I should really do that.

  3. If you have some chicken in your freezer you can make a coconut milk chicken, it's so easy and yummy!!! ;)


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