Thursday, April 2, 2009

retrospection and prognostication

Dani from Postcards from the Mothership posted this meme (I don't even know what "meme" means) on her blog today. I thought I'd play along:

15 years ago today I would have been:

  • um, fourteen and in grade 9 at Thom Collegiate in Regina
  • newly single after breaking up with Ryan (aka, Ol' Daddy Sizzleguts who comments here sometimes) with whom I remained friends (and in fact we recently had our first playdate with our two boys... is that weird?)
  • listening to jazz and the Beatles and wearing baggy jeans, bowling shirts and too much plaid - (sigh) ah, grunge.

10 years ago today I would have been:

  • nineteen years old and completing my first year at Canadian Bible College
  • having daily pity parties because Peter was going to be gone tree planting all summer
  • starting a job search that would eventually lead me to work with my mom at SaskTel, the provincial phone company

5 years ago today I would have been:

  • in Calgary, at home on maternity leave with 10 month old, Liam
  • looking at housing ads so we could move out of the condo we were renting and into a real house (with a yard) so I could open a dayhome and not go back to work
  • working at a gym and in better shape than before getting pregnant (another sigh)

1 year ago today I would have been:

  • counting the hours til I could test to see whether I was pregnant (with Andrew)
  • slowly, nervously packing
  • hoping and praying for Peter's secondment to come through so the government would pay for our move to Ottawa

This year I am:

  • looking forward to warm weather and being able to spend lots of time in the (newly fenced from last year) backyard WITH a garden to work in
  • hoping to improve my photography skills - hopefully with a new lens... or two.
  • so excited for Peter to be done language training and to find out what his actual job will be

Today I:

  • am blindingly tired
  • will enjoy using my clothes line and drying my clothes in the bright spring sun
  • am missing my son and my dad

Next year I hope:

  • to be less tired
  • to be more organized
  • to be completely out of debt

In five years I hope:

  • to be living in Africa
  • to have one more baby naturally and to have adopted (or be in the process of adopting) a child or pair of siblings
  • to be homeschooling my then 10 year old Liam (sharp intake of breath)... 7 year old Simon (chin quivering)... 5 year old Andrew (eyes misting)... and any other additions to our family *see above*


  1. Very lovely meme, Amy. I also did this on my blog today.

    I am sending you a personal email...

  2. My goodness Amy, you really are so keenly aware of where you are and where you are going. I envy you.

    I watched the video you posted about your son. Oh my aching heart. Hugs to you my dear. And to your family.

  3. Thank you both for you words/notes/thoughts. It means a lot.

  4. This is excellent! I need to do one, although I'm not very good at planning that far ahead but we'll see!

  5. That is sweet. I think I may wish to do this one myself...


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