Monday, April 20, 2009

groceries - April 20th

I had good intentions with my meal plan last week, but you know what they say about good intentions. Yeah.

Moving on.

Even with my lack luster performance in the kitchen last week, we did still have some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. food thanks to good friends. We were invited out not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. And all three times we/I ate much more than necessary. But it was all sooooo goooood.

And yesterday. Yesterday I got to go grocery shopping ALL. BY. MYSELF. Even Andrew stayed home! All three boys slept while Peter did homework. This was the first time I'd been out alone in over three months! While an afternoon at the spa would've been wonderful, grocery shopping solo was brilliant too.

Here's the roundup:

Canned Goods/Pantry Items
- OJ ($1.47 each, not on sale but we were out)
- yeast ($4.59)
- bbq sauce (on sale for $.99, probably should've gotten a few for the upcoming bbq season)
- 2 cans of tomato paste ($.67ea)

- 2 chickens ($1.29/lb, not organic or free-range but I think I've found a supplier for some. woohoo!)
- lunch meat ($2.99, *ignore this one*)

Stuff for Simon
- 2 x 1L rice milk ($1.99ea)
- sunflower butter ($4.99, hmmm I wonder how difficult this is to make myself? anyone?)
- goat mozzarella ($5.49 ouch!)
- 1L goat milk ($3.79, for making my own yogurt)
- goat yogurt ($3.79, twice as much as the milk alone, but I needed some yogurt as starter for making my own)
- soft goat cheese ($2.75 on sale)

- 3lb carrots ($1.49)
- 9 red peppers ($1.99/lb, for roasted red pepper soup - stay tuned for recipe later this week)
- 2 bunches of asparagus ($1.99/lb)
- 12 bananas ($.69/lb)
- blackberries ($.99 ea)
- 4 tomatoes ($.99/lb)
- 6 oranges ($.79/lb)
- 2 manogoes ($.79 each!)
- boston lettuce ($.79/bag)
- 1 sweet potato ($1.29/lb - then found it cheaper at the next store. grrrr.)
- big container of spinach ($4.99)
- 1 pint of strawberries ($1.77)
- 2 bags of bonsai choy (2/$5)

My total this week? $93.21! Woo hoo!

Under budget even with needing to spend $24.59 on special food for Simon (although Liam eats the sunflower butter too when he takes a sandwich to school). I only have $55.79 left of my $400 for the month (after this week, so April 27-30), but I think I can do it. I have more than a week's worth of meals planned with all this.

I'll post my meal plan later today. Simon and I are going to take advantage of Andrew's long nap to play outside in the sun and hang some laundry.

P.S. Meal plan in tomorrow's post.


  1. So wish you would invite us for dinner. Too bad our private jet is still in the shop.

  2. Where is your chicken supplier from? Very interested to know! thanks ;)

  3. I feel more pregnant now than I did when I WAS pregnant... I just looked at all the pictures of your tasty grocery buys and had to get myself a snack... at 11:30pm... Great job on the budget!!! Your meal plan sounds amazing, and I'm with Susie on this one - I wish we could come over for dinner!


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