Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hey Beavis

Peter came home early the other day. We were all downstairs watching Yo Gabba, Gabba and playing Lego (for those not familiar with it, Yo Gabba, Gabba is also known as" toddler crack"). Paul Williams was the guest and, in this particular segment, was sitting at the piano singing a song.

By the time I saw the glint in Peter's eye, it was too late.

Peter: Liam, do you know what they call someone who plays the piano?
Liam: No.
Peter: A "pianist".
Liam: A PENIS??

This was, predictably, followed by fits of laughter.

Peter was laughing hardest.

Cause he turned how old this week? THIRTEEN??


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    My hubby's about 12, too. ;-)

    In case you didn't see it, I replied to your comment on my blog (about creating a navigation bar) that your questions are a great topic for this Saturday's "win" post. A blogger friend of mine has already addressed some of those social networks on her blog, Playgroups are no place for children. Fittingly enough, if you go to her blog, check out the "blog tips" section - in her nav bar. ;-)

  2. hahaha! That's something Matt would say too... just goes to prove that age has nothing to do with maturity. :) Love you guys!

  3. I had Tim read this post and he laughed a little too hard I think...


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