Thursday, March 12, 2009

can girls eat this?

To set the stage a bit, the boys and I were eating lunch yesterday and Liam was finished, but still hungry so I told him to get himself a yogurt from the fridge. He chose a mixed berry one. On the front of the container, it was obvious that the printing machine had missed the mark with the red ink, so the raspberry ended up looking a greenish yellow.

Liam: What kind of berries are green?
me: (not really paying attention since I was nursing Andrew) I'm not sure.
Liam: boysenberries? (at least that's what I thought I heard)
me: Sure.
Liam: Maybe this is boysenberry yogurt.
me: Hmmm, it could be.
Liam: Well are you sure I should eat it? IF THERE'S POISON IN IT??
me: (paying attention now) Poison?? (cluing in) No, Liam, it's BOYSENberry. With a 'B', "buh".
Liam: Ohhhh, BOYSENberry.

(a short pause, then)

Liam: Can girls eat boysenberries?


  1. haha, what a smart kid! I never would have thought of that.


  2. That is too cute.....bright little *boy*!

    And thanks for popping over in my world this week. I am picking the winner today!!! Lots o' Luck to ya lass (trying to add a little Irish accent in here with St. Patty's Day coming up. The fact that I am half Portuguese and half Native American/Canadian French doesn't make it too authentic though)

    I'll be visiting your blog often...great stuff! :)


  3. Thanks for the good laugh Liam! Your cousins in California miss you!

  4. That is a great question, Liam? I wonder---- Thanks again for sharing, Amy! Love ya, A. Dianne


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