Tuesday, March 31, 2009

E-W-W-W spells "BUG"

I have bugs in my house.

Specifically these guys. Potato bugs or pill bugs or roly poly bugs. Their scientific name is Armadillidiidae, I assume because they roll up like armadillos. Their name around here is, "THOSE BUGS THAT ARE EVERYWHERE."

Everywhere downstairs that is. Thankfully, I don't think any of them have managed to scale the staircase yet. BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

I know that these bugs are really pretty low down on most people's list of bugs to be feared. Truthfully, they don't disgust/shock/terrify me as much as they annoy me... it's the quantity of them! I find at least a dozen everyday and that's without really searching them out. That's just the ones that I happen to see making their way across the basement floor.

And, um hello, where are they coming from??

Although I don't think roly poly bugs are much in the way of community, I'm still horrified by the idea that I might come apon a nest of them. A NEST.

Dear Lord.

The mere idea of it.

(I'm shaking.)

The thing is, I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of my bug issues for the year (I'll be making a new blog category, I'm sure).

When we first moved in last June, we were doing some major cleaning of the house, garage, our car, etc. At one point, some Coke was spilled. Coke that I cleaned up with a cotton rag. A cotton rag that I later went to grab to throw in the wash only to discover it was teeming (TEEMING... shudder) with teeny, tiny ants. Teeny, tiny ants that we clearly didn't see or notice prior to buying the house.

Those who have battled ants know what they're like. They scout out and find any morsel of food mere seconds after it's hit the floor, then invite several hundreds of their friends to the feast.


Although he's (marginally) better now, last summer he would throw food for the sheer joy of hearing it hit the floor. The ants were very happy and surely thanked their lucky stars for the time of plenty they were experiencing. I, however, was very, VERY unhappy.

I hate ants.

Especially swarms of teeny-tiny-yet-fat-and-happy ants that force me to do much more cleaning than is my norm.

The ants plagued us all summer until I took the boys to visit family in Regina for three week. By the time we returned, the ants were gone. GONE. I'm not sure if they figured the well had run dry or if Peter took a chemical approach to getting rid of them... I didn't ask. I didn't care as long as they were gone.

I'm worried that the warm weather will bring them back. With a vengeance.

And don't even get me started on the spiders in this place...


Please tell me I'm not alone.


  1. Oh my Lord... I would be freaking out big time! I hate all insects... they terrify me! I hate potatoe bugs! And Ants! And I've almost gotten into quite a few car accidents before upon discovering spiders in my car! What are you going to do? *Shudder*

  2. E-W-W-W is right!

    I HATE bugs! All bugs. Especially when I find them crawling around the house.

    I suppose there is a reason why I should be thankful for the snow we still have- it puts off my battle with all those creepy-crawlies.

    E-W-W-W! I feel your pain!

  3. I have written several posts about my hatred of all things buggy. Just reading your post here is giving me major heebie jeebies!

    We had the ant problem last year and we used ant trap things from Canadian Tire and it seems to have resolved the problem (KNOCK WOOD). I'm still afraid to go into the basement though, due to the spider infestation.

    HEEBIE JEEBIES, I tell you.

  4. You are not alone! :P

  5. Ugh... I understand. I live on a farm and we have some strange beetle of sorts that is in abundance in our house. There are many in the basement. The occasional few make it to the main floor, where they are promptly squashed if found. I think I've only seen one upstairs... it also died. And spiders?!?! Don't get me started... blech!

    I don't really mind bugs... as long as they stay OUTSIDE! However, I HATE ants too.


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