Thursday, February 19, 2009

a critic and a thug

I make pancakes for the boys several times each week. Because of Simon's allergies, I can't use wheat flour so it's generally some mix of barley, buckwheat, sorghum, spelt, tapioca and potato flours. Always an adventure!

This last batch was received with the following remarks from my kids:

Liam - "These are SOME. PANCAKES." He ate three plate-sized ones.

Simon - A very gangster "Mo' Mama". Okay, it was more of a polite "Mo' pease mummy" (more please mummy), but the first way makes for a better story.


  1. I hope you wrote down the recipe you used this time!

  2. Nah. I've made pancakes so many times, I don't use a recipe anymore.

    1 egg
    1 cup milk (almond milk for us)
    1 cup flour (whatever I have on hand)
    1 tsp baking powder

    If you want to get *fancy* you can add some oil to the wet ingredients (as per the Joy of Cooking). I often add mashed bananas or applesauce or, shhhh don't tell Simon, grated yellow zucchini, or replace the milk with OJ. All these things will likely change the density/texture of the final product, but my boys eat them no matter... as long as there's syrup on them (or agave nectar in our case).

  3. I have agave nectar but hadn't thought of using as a substitute for syrup. Last time I read the ingredient list on the "no sugar" syrup I realized it is probably worse for you than the normal!


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