Tuesday, November 25, 2008

not-so super mom to a super little guy

While I'd like to be able to write that Simon and I are doing all sorts of special mother-son things together to celebrate his all-important 2nd birthday and taking advantage of this time that Liam's at school and he has me all to himself, such is not the case.

Yesterday, in what -in retrospect- can only be described as a FIT OF INSANITY, I decided to not only strip all the beds in the house, but also flip our impossibly unwieldy mattress and switch the comforter in our duvet cover. We're still living like college students, sleeping on a futon mattress, cause it's the most comfortable mattress we've slept on in the last nine years. However, even Peter has a hard time moving it on his own. It's big and bulky and there are no handles or way to easily fold it for carrying. He usually ends up a sweaty mess and I end up needing to change my pants.

I'm not sure what possessed me to not only vaccuum it, but move it off the box spring (which was embarrassingly still wrapped in plastic from our move OVER FIVE MONTHS AGO), take off the plastic, manhandle it back onto the box spring, FLIP IT OVER, vaccuum the other side, then remake the whole bed, including changing the blankets and comforter. I'm sure that part of it had to do with the the lure of the cuddly, warm flannel sheets that I intended to put on. So please tell me I'm not the woman to temporarily lose her pregnant mind when faced with the temptation of soft sheets!

And today? I can barely move! My poor back. And arms. And hips. Sure it was lovely to climb into that bed last night, but I probably should have waited for Peter to get home and help.

So I will be doing A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING today. I will sit here on the couch with my feet propped up, and from this lazy perch I will do my best to remind Simon how loved and special he is. And I'll look at all the pictures from two years ago and remember when you looked like this:

I'll write his letter this weekend after his party on Saturday. Should be fun!


  1. aww, so cute!!! And here I was coming on to write Happy Birthday because I thought TODAY was the 25th... So Happy Birthday Simon! We love you so much, and miss you! We're really looking forward to seeing pictures of you at your party! (hint hint)

    Amy - you're crazy. We have a futon, and there is no way I would have moved it all over the house by myself. I even try to get out of it when Matt just needs help moving it. Flannel sheets do sound nice though...

  2. Simon, hope your party on Saturday is fun, fun, fun! We love you, you little two-year-old!!


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