Saturday, August 23, 2008

poor man's pool

To make up for that downer of a last post, here's something that will hopefully make you smile.
Gatineau is HOT. And HUMID! Most people here have pools. While we were looking at houses, we saw several with either above or below ground pools. While having a pool in this weather would be heavenly, having a child like Simon around a large, deep body of water would be a death sentence for him!
So what's a family with no money for a "real" pool to do?? See below...

The last two were from this afternoon. The boys had a GREAT time playing in the back yard with Peter while I rested. They were both happy, dirty and wet when I got out. Oh, and check out the fabulous fence that Peter built while the boys and I were in Regina and Calgary!
We were talking about out "ghetto" pool and joking that we're even too cheap to pay to fill it... we use water from our rain barrel!


  1. haha, you guys are hilarious. Looks like the boys had a great time! :)

  2. Great pictures of happy boys. They look bigger - especially Simon! Great job on the fence Peter. :)


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