Saturday, August 23, 2008

not so fun at the bundy house

Between me going to bed later than I should and Simon's night waking, I usually have plenty of opportunity to visit the washroom during the night. But I went to bed early last night and by 4:30am, he still hadn't made a peep! So after over six hours of (blissfully uninterrupted sleep!) I awoke to a VERY. FULL. BLADDER. I debated waiting til Simon inevitably woke up, but decided I wasn't going to make it. As soon as I stood up though, I could tell that my underwear was wet. I rushed to the bathroom and my underwear was soaked with blood and it kept coming!

I went back to bed and told Peter, who got me a glass of orange juice and my midwife contact sheet. After talking to her - and acknowledging that there's not much that can be done at 21 weeks - we decided to wait til morning to go to the hospital for an ultrasound (since I wanted Peter with me). That decision changed when I started having contractions.

They didn't hurt, but were very regular. Had it not been for the bleeding, I would've written them off as early braxton hicks, but combined with all that blood it was a bit scary. So I called the midwife back and she called the obstetrics unit at the hospital to let them know I was coming.

When I got there, they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and contraction monitor thing. Right away it was clear that I was having regular contractions. With my other three pregnacies, my contrations were always 3mins apart. The whole time. Right from the get go. And this time? You guessed it! 3mins apart! Although I could clearly feel each of them, they didn't hurt... at first. After about 20mins though, there was some discomfort with each one - not to say they "hurt" bad, but there was no longer an ABSENCE of pain.

To end this before it gets too long, they pumped me full of fluid (even though there's no way I was dehydrated) and gave me some medication called Adalat (I think). It was a suppository, fun times! They also did an ultrasound which showed absolutely nothing. No bleeding (which had essentially stopped at this point), no cause for the bleeding, nothing.

So now I'm home, having been told to take it easy and not do much of anything. Difficult seeing as Peter works all week and we know NO ONE here! I'm really praying that this is the final incident of this kind and that I don't end up on bed rest. We'd have no help! The thought of bedrest is REALLY scary right now. I've never had a history of preterm labour or any issues with bleeding during pregnancy, so this is so strange for me. The placental bleed I had in July was clearly from over doing it travelling across the country. But yesterday I seriously did nothing out of the ordinary - made pancakes, a walk to the park, a bit of sewing, folded some laundry.

Also frustrating is that there was a men's morning schedule at the church here in Gatineau (well at one of the men's houses) that Peter'd planned to go to. Even though I wasn't invited ;) I was excited at this chance for "us" to get to know some men/families in the church - to get to know ANYONE in Gatineau! It was supposed to be from 9am-1pm with refreshments, a short talk, basketball, swimming and a bbq. And it was a PERFECT day for it! It would've been so nice for him to have gotten the chance to go, but impossible with me at the hospital from 5:30am-11:30am. I feel like saying to God, "Cmon Lord, we're trying! Give us a break!"

Anyways, prayer for a UNEVENTFUL remaining 19 weeks would be great!


  1. We're praying for an uneventful 4 more months!

  2. Tough day! Not easy to rest when you are responsible for two active boys. Hang in there little one - and no more drama!

    Will be praying that you will meet people.

    By the way, I love that you are keeping this blog!


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