Thursday, September 11, 2014

Their World, Aug 2014

August highlights:

  • waffles for breakfast... with fresh whipped cream, local berries, and homemade caramel sauce
  • finally getting our deck stained (most of it)
  • having extra time with our cousins, while they waited for the visas for Sudan to come through
  • introducing the kids to "Back to the Future", and using online instructions to build the Delorean  our of the Lego pieces we already have
  • hosting my aunt Laveryne and my cousin's son, Brenda, for the weekend... and we CRAMMED that weekend full of as much fun and trips and tours and museums and sightseeing as humanly possible!
  • the fact that my aunt brought my mom along as well!
  • LOTS of swimming (!) thanks to wonderful friends with pools
  • Elosie falling off the slide and suffering a concussion... our family's first head injury!
  • a final farewell to our cousins (actually Peter's cousin and his family, whom we adore) before they finally left for Khartoum
It was a good month. Except for the concussion.

I decided to use a collage program (that I've had forever) for these images... and must've had some sort of compression setting on them... because they look like garbage.

But seeing as this post is almost 2 weeks late, I'm just going to leave them.

Pretend they were all taken with my phone... then it's not so terrible. *sigh*

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  1. Oh wow! I love all of these shots! What a great group of photogenic kids!


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