Sunday, March 24, 2013

lazy Saturday morning

Saturday morning-3 Saturday morning-4 Saturday morning-1 Saturday morning-2 Saturday morning-5

Just a few pictures from Saturday morning this weekend. Testing settings on my camera before a maternity session, trying to figure out how I'd managed to mess up all my focus settings. Thankfully the boys were willing to sit still for a few seconds so I could take a few test shots. The light is not ideal in the two of Eloise and Andrew... but look how cute!

Edited to add that I do have a fourth child... the elusive nine year old boy. This somewhat shy and secretive creature can usually be found surrounded by impressive Lego creations, with his nose tucked in a book, or conquering multiple levels of confusing sounding sim games. Best to approach slowly and cautiously and with camera inconspicuously hidden from view. Spooks easily. 


  1. Love your "Liam edit" and the pictures are fantastic. I need so much help with my photography!! I would like to shoot on manual, but my mind goes blank on what to do in the moment. I'm thinking of paying for an on online tutorial...

  2. I love your pictures! Your family is so beautiful!

  3. Love these pictures!!! Thanks for taking pictures of your children and posting them, so we can see - love the Sat. morn lazys!

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  5. You are very funny! I stumbled on your blog by way of do it yourself light sabers! Awesome idea, and was laughing while I was reading. Will read your blog to laugh! Thank you!


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