Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a new year, already a month behind

I wish I had more time for blogging.

I love looking back and reading old posts and stories about my kids. They're going to wonder what happened to 2012!

I haven't even blogged about Christmas, and it might never happen, but this will always be remembered as "The Christmas with the Puppies". A good friend was headed out of town and we volunteered/insisted that we take one or more puppies while he was gone. 

Fun for the kids, right?


Gah! Puppies are A. LOT. OF. WORK. Three crazy, rambunctious, not-quite-house-trained puppies... I was in tears the first day (Christmas Eve!) and would get pains in my stomach just thinking about those little beasts, but by the end of the week I even had a wee pang saying goodbye to them. Like most things in life, once I adjusted my expectations and gave things a bit of time to work themselves out... and made sure everyone knew I was boss... it went much more smoothly.


Every once in a while I start thinking about getting a dog, and in moments of temporary insanity might have even checked out a few breeds online.

Thankfully it passed. Then it came back. Then I pushed it down. Then it hit again.

I really don't need any more creatures to care for at this point in life.

But they were pretty cute.

(And I might have the pet section of kijiji in my top pages.)

(And I just might check it every time I sit down to nurse Eloise to sleep.)


  1. Hi lovely lady!! I don't know how you manage to get photos of ALL your kids in one group. Of course they always look gorgeous... cuz they are gorgeous. If i can get one to stay still in front of a camera i am lucky... other kids are always more cooperative. Clearly, I have not done a good job of showing them who is boss!!! I would fail miserably trying to take in pets too. You are amazing... you seem to do it all!!! xxooo

  2. Amy, These pictures are incredible!!!!!! Great pictures of the kids and dogs! How did you get the dogs to sit so still? I know your children are used to being photographed. ---but the puppies!!!!!! Love, A. Dianne

  3. I've always thought dogs made a better home. Anonymous has a a good question, how did you get your dogs to hold still? Mine are always running around and getting dirty. A good friend of mine helps me take care of them and told me he bought thorogood boots just for walking through the mud after them.


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