Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day in photos

Andrea from the fishbowl once again issued an Hourly Photo Challenge for Christmas day. I've enjoyed seeing others blog their holiday pictures in this way in past years, and -having joined the iPhone club not long ago- I decided it'd be a fun way to document the day... although my DSLR wasn't far away the entire day and also got put through its paces. 

This was, however, a lot of fun.

Moreso for me than for all my family who had to endure the alarm on my phone going off every hour and me spending a few minutes each time to edit and upload a picture.

Good thing they're used to me having a camera in my hand.

So here it is, our Christmas day in hourly increments...

8:00am... and the kids are still asleep! All five of the older ones! Only the babies are up.
  #hourlyphoto 8am: waiting for the kids to wake up! 

9:00am   Baby's first Christmas. For this baby AND my new niece and nephew. 
STILL waiting for the bigger kids to wake up and join the party.
#hourlyphoto 9am: baby's first Christmas 

10:00am   A trio of minifigures from Liam's stocking.
#hourlyphoto 10am: stocking stuffer trio 

11:00am   Christmas kisses. She's so sweet.
#hourlyphoto 11am: Christmas kisses 

12:00pm   Andrew sitting at the window waiting for everyone -who wasn't sick- 
to get home from church, and hanging out with Sir Axlerod and Finn McMissile.
#hourlyphoto 12pm: Waiting for the non-sick ones to get home from church. 

 1:00pm   Tucking into the big gifts since we only had time for stockings and 
breakfast before heading to church. It was a tight fit at my sister's, with seven adults, 
five kids (3-9), and three babies!  (wish I hadn't left the black bands on the top and bottom of this pic)
#hourlyphoto 1pm: Christmas chaos. 

2:00pm  Spreads and dips and crackers and fruit and nuts and chocolate and 
coffee and egg nog and juice and Irish cream, oh my.
#hourlyphoto 2pm: Spreads and sweets.  

3:00pm   The building begins.
#hourlyphoto 3pm: Let the building begin.

4:00pm   The building continues.
#hourlyphoto 4pm: The building continues. 

5:00pm   Simon on the left and Rowan on the right. Masters of mischief. 
Getting along better than ever before.
#hourlyphoto 5pm: bobble-head buddies. 

6:00pm   One of my two (TWO!) jaunty hats. You will see them both often.
#hourlyphoto 6pm: New hat. Jaunty. 

7:00pm  These particular Christmas decorations are up year round at my sister's place.
#hourlyphoto 7pm: Stars. 

8:00pm   After seven boys between my older sister and I, we both had surprise pregnancies 
this year AND BOTH HAD GIRLS! Eloise is on the left and Maizy on the right.
#hourlyphoto 8pm: Cousins. Two baby girls after seven boys. Surprise. 

9:00pm  My nephews received these carousels for Christmas from another aunt. Twitter 
informs me  Es ist ein Weihnachtspyramide!  (translation: It's a German Christmas carousel!)
#hourlyphoto 9pm: anyone know the actual name of these things? 

10:00pm   Since someone was sick-and-throwing-up-and-took-an-almost-four-hour-nap-in-the-afternoon, that someone got to stay up late and play games with the grownups.
#hourlyphoto 10pm: Staying up late. The perk to having taken a super long nap. 

11:00pm   Ticket to Ride is FUN! (depending on how fair charitable you are, I either came in second or last)
#hourlyphoto 11pm: Still playing. 

12:00am   I kind of look like I have no/weird eyebrows here, so just look at the sweet-
and-wide-awake-at-midnight Christmas baby in her pretty rainbow wrap.
#hourlyphoto 12am: Just look at the baby, I look weird.

It really was a nice, nice day. 

We had fun giving gifts to our family and were thoroughly spoiled in return. We all received gifts that were special and fun and thoughtful and perfect. The boys were thrilled with all their Legos, Peter with his Tassimo (to take to work), me with my hats and wool and jewelry and to-be-exchanged-for-different boots, and Eloise with her crochet hat and handmade dolly.  

We tore through our stockings, ate copious amounts of good food, Peter took Liam and Simon to church where their uncle Joel was preaching (to a higher capacity crowd than was expected for a Christmas Sunday morning!), opened loads of presents in a bit of a frenzy to make sure we were through before my younger sister and her family had to leave for her in-laws, ate some more, visited, put a not-feeling-super-well Andrew to bed for a much needed nap, said "No you can't open any new Lego sets." a dozen times before finally relenting because we realized it was too cruel to make them wait, made some phone calls home to friends, talked to family on Skype, ate even more, built more Lego, searched for already-missing Lego pieces, played with babies, read Christmas stories at bedtime, played Ticket to Ride until far too late and finally went happily to bed.

Christmas mosaic

It was a very good day and a very good night.


  1. Love all the pictures! What a fun idea! I was watching them all on Christmas day on fb. Miss you guys!

  2. I'm glad you played along Amy. Great photos - as always. Looks like you had the perfect Christmas! :)

  3. Looks like an amazing Christmas!!
    And I love the hat :D

  4. Amy and Peter, kids! Looks like fun and relaxing and complete enjoyment of a very special day! We loved getting to talk to you! Thanks for all the pictures! Love, A. Dianne


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