Monday, November 28, 2011

the rest of the family is just as crazy as we are...

In the past, I've been terrible about blogging when people visit. It's not that I don't want to write about it all... it's the exact opposite! Usually we are so busy and having so much fun together and making lots of great memories, and I'm left with a camera full of to-be-editted images and a heart full of love for our great family and friends. Yet when my house is empty again, I realize that I've gone a week without doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, bathing my stinky kids or doing any school with them, and then blogging ends up waaaay at the bottom of the priority list!

But not this time!

I really, really want to post pictures from Simon's birthday this last weekend, but I promised myself I wouldn't do that before dedicating a quick post to our most recent visitors.

Peter's brother, David, and his wife, Kristi and new baby Eli were here last week. We saw Parliament Hill, walked around Byward Market, celebrated American Thanksgiving (with all the trimmings!) AND threw one heck of a Super Hero Party for Simon's 5th birthday. They left Sunday morning and we already miss them terribly!

Here are a few pictures from their last night with us, including a sneak peak at a couple of the (many) crafts we did for the party.

family group-8
cousins (from left to right): Eloise (5 months), Liam (8), Andrew (almost 3), Simon (5), Eli (4.5 months)

family group-9

family group-4
modelling felt masks that Kristi and I made for the party, and being rather good sports about it!

family group-5
these two are only 13 days apart!

family group-3

family group-1
this, according to Simon, is his "superhero face"
poor Andrew was up until 10:30pm the night before and then 
had NO NAP the day of the party!

family group-2

family group-7*

What a good looking bunch!

...most of the time.

family group-6

Thank you guys soooooo much for all your help getting ready for both Thanksgiving and the birthday party! There's NO WAY I could've done it all without you! Kristi, having someone to talk and cook and laugh with was a far better way to spend all those hours in the kitchen... maybe sister-wives isn't such a bad idea, eh?  ;)

We can't wait til the next time we get to see the three of you!

*Check out the cool minimalist superhero art that David and Kristi put together for the party! Those are definitely going up in the basement once it's finished!


  1. We had such a fun time with you guys! So many fun memories and I just love all the pictures you put up. I just laughed when I saw your sister-wives comment...but it really was so much more fun cooking, cleaning, and prepping. (Side note: I have been trying out my camera skills...I think the taking pictures part is getting better...but the editing won't be good since we don't have a program. Oh, and I was thinking about you all afternoon as I was stretching each individual piece of wet clothing. Wear do you hang them all? haha!) Love you all tons!!!

  2. Well, it looks and sounds like you had the best of times celebrating Simon's Birthday and Thanksgiving together! Kristi says that Ottawa is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for posting the pictures, Amy! I will get Mother down here as soon as possible, so she can see them!!!! Everyone is looking great! and Eloise is growing! Actually, all the boys are growing too!! Love, A. Dianne

  3. Sounds like you all had such a fun time together!!! Family reunion....we HAVE to get our schedules together!! Love the pictures and to hear all about your time together. Looks like the kids had a great time together as well as the adults. Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  4. The artwork is so cool and perfect for a playroom. So fun to see pictures of your time with David, Kristi and Eli. Those two babies are oh-so-cute!

    Just so you know, our family is NOT crazy. We are perfectly sane, always.

  5. Who CAN'T love superheroes?

    Yeah, that's what I thought...


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