Tuesday, June 14, 2011

an update on my earlier emotionally-fragile, too-pregnant rant

I know my post from earlier today didn't portray me as the ray of sunshine I'm sure you've come to expect when you visit this blog.


Well I did want to update a couple things.

Not long after writing that post and hitting publish, I spoke to my doctor. Being over 41 weeks, he wanted me to go in for both an ultrasound and an NST (non stress test). Although I wasn't thrilled about a bunch of testing that would have the potential to lead to even more intervention, I understood our doctor's position. He's currently the only doctor in the city (this city of 9 million people) who does homebirths and he generally caters to the upper class... including diplomats. I'm sure it would be an absolute nightmare for him should there be some tragedy involving the wife or newborn of some diplomat or high profile ex-pat.

Our doctor made the appointment and I went to pick Peter up from the Embassy. I was so thankful he was able to leave work on such short notice to come with me... and thankful that we could get in so quickly (once we found the place!)

We ended up having to sit through TWO twenty minute scans since baby girl slept soundly through the first. Because they weren't able to track any movement, the tech sent us to "eat something sweet" and come back. Two Snickers bars and a bottle of Coke later and she was hopping all over the place! The second scan went great and baby girl passed with flying colours.

The ultrasound was quick and painless. The tech measured fluid levels -which were perfect- and then went on to take measurements of head, torso and long bones. Each time, she made some comment about HOW BIG the baby is... even saying, "You have a FAT BABY." This made me pretty nervous... until we saw the actual gestational age the measurements corresponded to, most of which were in the 37-38 week range.

I'm 41+ weeks!

Then we reminded ourselves how small Colombians make em. She probably just wasn't used to seeing measurements of those sizes... even though baby is only estimated around 7lbs!

Either way, it all went well and baby girl scored 10/10. 

We're total over achievers.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

While Peter and I were sitting around during the NSTs he informed me that he learned that, while we might end up being short on time to apply for the baby's diplomatic passport, there is the option of getting a temporary passport printed for urgent travel. So regardless when baby decides to make her grand entrance, a temporary passport only takes three days to obtain. 

*big sigh of relief*

More importantly, he also informed me that the consultations in Ottawa that would require us to leave Bogota July 3rd (in 2 1/2ish weeks) have been rescheduled for two weeks later. We still haven't narrowed down when our house hunting trip will be, but we now have more time. A bigger cushion. Less stress.

*bigger sigh*

So, yes, I feel a bit silly for my emotional fragility of earlier, but it was probably a good thing to get some of it out. 

Not a complete waste.

But more than a bit humbling to see how things have worked themselves out so quickly.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Now I'll return to surfing Pinterest and killing time on Twitter while I time "contractions"... hopefully some of these ones are real.


  1. Oh so glad that some of the stress is taken off your shoulders!

  2. We have been and will continue to pray our hearts out for you. So glad that God is listening to our prayers and showing it through a healthy baby and mom, the passport, and travel time situations. Now, we just have to wait for His perfect timing for when the little princess will make her grand entrance. Love to you!!!


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