Saturday, June 18, 2011

a new crazy

If I wait until I have the entire birth story written up, pecked at one handed a line here and a line there, I'm not likely to get any pictures posted before July. 

And you know there are pictures.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eloise Amora Kaye Bundy
born 15.June.2011  8:22am
7lbs 11oz 
20cms long

Eloise birthday-12
about 75 mins old

Eloise birthday-11

Eloise birthday-10

Eloise birthday-9
letting friends at the Embassy know

Eloise birthday-8

Eloise birthday-7
meeting the boys on their return from school

Eloise birthday-6

Eloise birthday-4

Eloise birthday-2

Eloise birthday-1
dressed in the same sleeper that my parents brought me home from the hospital in!

Eloise birthday-5
no important family event would be complete without some silly faces...
poor baby girl... get used to the crazy!
you're surrounded


  1. Wow, wow, so beautiful! Big, enormous congrats to the whole family. :)

  2. Congratulations.... she is absolutely precious! She looks beautiful and so sweet surrounded by all those handsome boys! Enjoy her and all the special moments that you'll share together in the coming days, months, and years ahead!

  3. She is beautiful! Is her hair red?

  4. Okay, you MUST bring her home soon because I MUST hold her. When? When? When?!?

    Did I mention how happy I am for all of you? In about three forums so far? Yes, I am stalking your baby...

  5. Congratulations! She's gorgeous :)

  6. These are amazing! I am so happy for you.

  7. Those photos are stunning. Especially the one with your hubby on the phone - the love is overwhelming and you have your son with the "yep that's my sister" grin!

    Congratulations again.

    Might be crazy but so full of love!

  8. Oh Amy...she is beautiful...did I mention beautiful and you look fantastic! Wow those photos don't look like you just had a baby! Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations! Love that last picture. It's perfect. :)

  10. I am so excited to see more photos. What a fantastic crazy to be living!!! How are you doing with the pronouns?!? She is gorgeous. The boys look like they are embracing their sister with love. Peter is the proudest papa. And I am so glad YOU are in so many photos. You look awesome.
    Much love...with more treats to come

  11. she is gorgeous. and the boys look soo excited too. enjoy the crazy!

  12. She's beautiful! Sincere congratulations and best wishes for all the wonder still to come.

  13. How sweet! My favourite shots are the one of you and the one of Peter on the phone with Andrew and Eloise in his lap. She's a gorgeous little girl and well worth the wait.

  14. Congrats! She's gorgeous. Love her name!

  15. Congratulations! She is adorable, so much love from all your boys. And you look fantastic!

  16. Congratulations. I am expecting baby #4 in December as well! She is beautiful! =)

  17. oh amy, i can hardly stand it.
    she is perfection.

    i absolutely adore her name!
    enjoy your snuggles!


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