Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colombians would say we "have a good mould*"

I know that Father's Day was Sunday, but I was going on four nights without sleep and tear-inducing engorgement since my milk had just come in. Baby girl was thrilled with her sweetly-filled belly, but this mama (and her, uh, abundant supply) were very sorry -and sore!- indeed. 

Thankfully things are starting to regulate themselves, I'm no longer full up to my armpits and can therefore type again.

And put together slideshows**.

About the amazing guy I chose to make babies with.

Happy Father's Day, hon.

Love you.

*We're Canadian. We like our extra 'u's.
**These are all pictures taken between last Father's Day and this Father's Day. 

(ETA: This morning, while showing the video to Peter, I noticed there were a bunch of photos missing from Sept-Dec. I couldn't leave things alone so I edited the video. If you're reading in a reader, you'll have to click through to see it,)


  1. We just watched the slide show and loved it! You did a great job honoring Peter. He is an amazing man. So sweet, had to keep laughing cause the tears wanted to come. Love to you guys (and so glad that your milk isn't giving you such a hard time).

  2. Well Amy, you did it again!!!! Great slide show!!! Peter is a great Dad and you and the boys--and now little Eloise have the perfect match for your family. Happy Father's Day, Peter!!! Love all of you, A. Dianne

  3. Great slide show to honor Peter. Yes, he is a great husband and dad! I know he is VERY thankful for his wife and family too. Fun pictures...great memories for all of you! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  4. This is a great tribute to your kids' father. You took some great photos, too.

  5. ha, ha... LOVE IT!!! And Love that song... i made one with exactly that same song. so funny!!! seriously. you are one super lady... peter is a fabulous guy... and you two have built a fantabulous family together... good mould is right!!!


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