Wednesday, June 1, 2011

39 week belly pics

If you need a reminder, here are my 34 week pictures. Although I don't think I've gotten a tonne bigger in the last five weeks, my face sure looks round! This happens every pregnancy, so I really shouldn't be surprised, but still... whoa. Some lovely friends from the Embassy threw a baby shower for me last Friday (which I'll post some pictures and stories from as soon as I have the disc) and I was kind of shocked when I saw the pictures. Although I was either laughing or smiling ridiculously big in most of those. We really have been lucky in the community we found ourselves a part of down here...

Although I'm not smiling in this first picture (like most of the 34 week ones), I like that if you tip your head and kind of squint, I hardly even look all that pregnant. The stripes were working in my favour for once! 

Sort of.

39 weeks-23

39 weeks-22

39 weeks-20

So to prove that there is, in fact, a very large belly under those stripes, behold...!

39 weeks-18

39 weeks-17

39 weeks-14

39 weeks-13

39 weeks-1139 weeks-10

While I was sitting on the floor for this next series, Andrew was on the bed clicking the remote for me. 

39 weeks-839 weeks-939 weeks-739 weeks-6

39 weeks-5

This is after I took the remote from him and he was trying to get it back,
39 weeks-25

34 weeks-1
34 weeks

39 weeks-4
39 weeks

And for a little different perspective...

39 weeks-2

39 weeks-3

A full-term belly is this spring's hottest accessory, didn't you know??


  1. Amy, you crack me up! Those belly pictures were fun to see and you look great, especially with your awesome facial expressions. Is your mom there?! Can't wait to hear news. Call us first! :)

  2. I love that Andrew helped you take the pics. Your children will inevitable grow up to either love photography or to despise it.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of you and Andrew comparing bellies! :)

    You look great!

  4. Great pictures! I wonder if Andrew thinks his belly looks like yours? That is so adorable! I always love all you girls and your belly pictures! SO ANXIOUS to hear of baby girl's arrival!!!!! It's gonna be soon!!!!!!!
    Hugs, A. Dianne

  5. You look fantastic! Love the pictures!

  6. You are so adorable Amy. Love these photos! Can't wait to see photos of the little baby!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!

  7. Amy! You look so gorgeous! You almost makes me want an another baby!! ;) I just love all of your pictures! Hoooo I misssssss youuuuu! :)

  8. Great pics! I'd be tapping my foot - or at least I was at 39 weeks ;)

  9. Great pics Amy ;)


  10. gor-ge-ous!

    the naked belly ones of you and liam are adorable.

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  12. (Sorry about deleting my comment...I can't spell!) Love seeing your pictures. Especially love your facial expressions. Andrew did a great job. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one!

  13. LOOOOOVE these photos... just amazing. i have your pics on a disc, but J is out of town so can't even get them to Peter. Perhaps this weekend we can walk over, or overlap at the park?
    You look beautiful... both on the photos, and in person. Makes ME want to be pregnant again (and I just HAD a baby)!!! ha, ha!!! See you soon.

  14. Beautiful photos. You look amazing! Pregnancy photos are a great keepsake.


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