Wednesday, May 11, 2011

toddler skin-as-canvas body art

When I do art projects with the boys, I like to have them work on the same piece several times, many days apart. Not so much if they're working on plain paper, but if I buy the boys real canvases to paint on, I don't like to see a whole bunch of white when they're through.

Thus, the multiple sittings.

Yesterday morning, I striped Andrew down (because I KNOW HIM) and we brought out a few previously worked on canvases in various degrees of doneness.

We painted with cars and trucks, marbles (I didn't get any pictures of this as I was trying to keep the paint-covered marbles inside the cardboard edges I'd taped to the canvas), plastic forks, and fingers. And paint brushes, of course. Boring paint brushes.


He really loved driving around the canvases with the trucks and crashing them into each other. I think a larger canvas would've worked a bit better, but he loved it regardless.



This canvas had been painted first with watercolours, then was given the truck treatment.




Then Andrew discovered a much more satisfying canvas... a more organic canvas. One that moved and bent and breathed and giggled.



After a few minutes of body painting, he also discovered that he actually doesn't really like being covered in paint...


Wanna guess if it'll stop him from painting himself next time??


  1. Hahahahahahaha! That's so funny, so typical (of that age, anyhow, not to single Andrew out)! Glad you memorialized this!

  2. What a cool idea. Man if only I'd been talking to you guys when V was tiny!

  3. You are just so creative! I will have to remember all that for our little ones. Love his face when he decided he didn't want paint on him anymore. He is just so cute!

  4. Ha! Lucas is like this too -- as soon as he gets ice cream drips on him or sand or whatever, he howls until I clean him. Great photos, and I love how you revisit a canvas -- may have to steal that idea!


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