Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no, that's not face paint

These pictures are from yesterday. It was not as hard a day as last Monday, although Simon and Andrew did manage to get into some mischief together...

This is an unsponsored post brought to you by Crayola.

face paint-9
he said he was a cat

face paint-8

face paint-7
his claws

face paint-6
not to be outdone

face paint-5
did I mention he was "a mean cat"?

face paint-4
check out Andrew in the background!

face paint-3
truth be told, he started it...

face paint-2

face paint-1

But at least it wasn't the walls. 

This time.

And, yes, I did send Simon to school like that. 


  1. Oh, those boys sure keep you on your toes. Great pictures! They are going to love looking back at those in a couple years. My favorie part is that you sent him to school like that, you go girl!

  2. Awesome!!! The accompanying 'grrr' facial expressions are priceless :)

  3. I'm glad you took the time to take pictures. The stripes on Simon are great and Andrew's looks like thick grizzly fur. Love to you and those boys!

  4. hahahah! I love their artistic expression. That was a pretty good angry cat. I thought he was a tiger, so he was right on! Andrew looks pretty ferocious as well. Where was Liam for all this? I love that you sent him to school with his artwork still in place, lol. Love you guys and miss you! Huge hugs from us & Bella.

  5. Cutest boys ever! And smartest mum to let her boys be mischievous from time to time! Lovely pics Amy!

  6. I mean, you have to kind of chuckle right? ;)


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