Friday, April 29, 2011

my boys' take on the Royal Wedding and other small horrors

In case you missed this picture when I posted it on Twitter...

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, while at the finca last week I managed to get completely covered by bug bites. I don't know if it was my deliciously juicy preggo blood or maybe just an extreme reaction to a new kind of bug bite, but this is what my arm looked like two days ago,

bug bites-1

bug bites-2

Gross, eh? And they're SOOOOOOO ITCHY!! Most look even worse than in those pictures now since I've scratched them til they're scabbed. The crazy thing is that Peter had loads too but most have already disappeared, Liam has maaaaaybe a couple (although his awful sun burn made up for it, poor boy), Simon looks like he has the chicken pox from scratching his even worse than mine, and Andrew has a couple dozen little ones that he likes to point out but rarely scratches.

Me? I have HUNDREDS. Literally. I counted about 65 in those pictures... and that's on one side of one arm! My legs are awful too. I seriously look like I have a disease. Or am a meth addict or something.

And I have a formal wedding to go to THIS SATURDAY. As in tomorrow.

Hopefully it will be dark and candle lit.


I'm hoping to go for a manicure today (they only cost about $5 down here and it will only be my second EVER... my first being 9 years ago in Quito, Ecuador) with a friend -and fellow wedding invitee- from the embassy. That along with my haircut tomorrow may be enough to make me feel pretty... in spite of my ill-fitting non-maternity dress, big belly, and bite-covered self.

* * * * * * * * * * *

After the boys finished their far-too-early breakfast this morning before school, I had them bring their uniforms into the TV room so they could watch the end of the Royal Wedding while getting dressed. Liam is quite happy to share a name with Prince William, but didn't think that Kate looked like a princess (not sure what constitutes a princess in his mind). Simon said that I am a like a princess (stop laughing!), and Andrew didn't pay attention to much other than the horses until the planes flew over. He loved that.

Liam was also full of questions about monarchies and why some countries have kings and queens and others have presidents. He also didn't know why the queen's husband is only a prince and not the king (good question). We dug out some of our Canadian coins to show him the queen on the back and explained that Canada is part of the monarchy, so Prince William is our prince too. Hopefully that will make him feel more a part of the celebrations at their school today...

That's right, they're having a Royal Wedding "street party" at the school today. It is a British school after all.

But it still made me laugh.

Speaking of street parties, we (and everyone at the embassy) were invited to a party at the official residence of the British Ambassador this afternoon. I had no intention of going, but after watching part of the wedding this morning, I'm almost tempted. Unfortunately it's during my Andrew's nap time.

And I need to stay home and figure out some way to mask the horror that is my arms in time for tomorrow night's wedding...


  1. Amy, I LOVE reading your blogs! You make even the worst situations sound hysterical. You have a gift at writing. Hope those bug bites go away quickly. Enjoy your pampering! You deserve it!!! Love ya!

  2. eeek! you arm looks like what my body did last summer. we thought it was bed bugs, but ended up being swimmers itch. i hope the itch has gone down.

    so, is the hair short again?

  3. Amy, I hope your itch has gone!! It does look miserable to deal with. It does look like a rash (an itchy rash). Were you in a pool? Hopefully it is now gone! Hugs, A. Dianne

  4. It's that baby girl inside you making you extra sweet. :) I loved watching the royal wedding, although I had that same question about Prince Phillip. Was hoping we could chat on Skype soon...


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