Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the Colombian "desert"...

...where it rained most of our stay. And was cold. 

Of course.

Good thing there was a heated indoor pool.

Villa de Leyva pool mosaic

And check out Simon's ribs in a few of those jumping shots... I swear we do feed the kid!

(I know these photos won't win any awards, but being in the pool was such a huge part of this particular trip. With the crummy weather, it gave us something fun to do with the boys... and totally wore them out so they slept like little logs. Win-win.)

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  1. You got it so right!!! Anywhere there is a pool, there is fun to be had!!!!! Especially with children!!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  2. anywhere we go, we have to make sure there is a pool! :) I love the bathing caps.

    Shasher's Life

  3. having an indoor pool has saved many a long trip for us and the kids!! :)

  4. Those pictures are great and yes I did see the ribs. Sweet little man! He just has the Bundy metabolism. So glad there was a heated pool for you guys to enjoy...I love the bathing caps, too.

  5. Sounds about right rainy and cold... However, it looks like they had a blast and what memories.

  6. Wishing You A Happy Wednesday!

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    Life Below Zero


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