Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a grey day

I asked earlier on Twitter and Facebook if anyone had ever actually gone crazy searching for a specific piece of Lego for hours... because I was losing my EVER LOVING MIND looking for a particular piece to finish an Atlantis set that Simon had chosen for me to build. It took me so long to build this ONE SMALL SET that Liam (Lego loving Liam) started to complain he was bored, Andrew was crying and starving for a snack, while Simon stood over me repeatedly saying, "But I thought you were building?!" To which I responded numerous times -through clenched teeth and near tears of frustration- "I'm looking for a piece."

A small, yet not seemingly difficult to find piece. One little grey piece. One little piece that, no, could not be replicated with any other combination of pieces. One grey piece in a MASS of grey pieces... all looking the same after spending over an hour digging through them. 

(Aside: We have too much grey Lego. Far too much. The disease first started when we found a bucket of old space Lego (read: most of it grey) at a garage sale. Then Liam discovered Star Wars Lego, also mostly grey. Up til now we've had all the Lego separated by colour, with the dark and light greys together. NO MORE. It's time to separate the greys. My sanity can't take digging through that drawer any more. I'm going to have nightmares about grey Legos tonight... vivid pregnancy nightmares.)

And why would I do this? Why would I waste spend the better part of a fine afternoon digging and pawing through piles of tiny Lego pieces with jaw clenched, stress rising, and almost-five-months-pregnant hips increasing protesting my position sitting on the floor? BECAUSE I LOVE MY KIDS.

And I write about it here because, well, what is this blog if not a place for me to record all the ways my kids WILL OWE ME for the sacrifices I made during their childhood?


  1. Brilliant! That'll teach 'em. :) We made the mistake of buying some knock-off non-Lego, so my frustration is the hours upon hours my three-year-old nags at me to rebuild the thing that fell apart because the stupid blocks don't hold together. And, yet, I keep doing it!

  2. Sing it, sistah. I've been there. We actually divide our Lego by set - we have about 10 bins and each one holds just three or four sets, in theory so that if we want to rebuild something specific we can find the pieces more easily.

    But it's still crazy making.


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