Wednesday, December 1, 2010

finally arrived!

After a rough start (another story for another time), I sit here typing this blog post from the comfort of the patio of our two room villa at the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort in Willemstad, Curaçao. It's barely 7am here (6am in Bogota), so the boys and Peter are still tucked in bed. 

While the A/C whirs inside, here outside I hear nothing but the sounds of the Caribbean ocean lapping the stone wall not ten feet from our patio… and once in a while the sound of a dolphin working in the early morning with their trainers at the Dolphin Academy right next door. Out on the horizon, a couple massive cruise ships can be seen slowly making their way into the Willemstad harbour.

I looks like it will prove to be a cloudy (but hopefully not rainy) day here in Curaçao, but it is already warmer than it was back in Bogota. Even the sticky humidity that greeted us as we got off the plane last night was a welcome change.

Photo on 2010-12-01 at 06.34
sorry for the crappy PhotoBooth picture... I promise better to come

* * * * * * * * * *

The bed here in the master bedroom has to be at least a king size. I think I only bumped Peter's elbow once the whole night, even though he was laying spread out, clearly enjoying taking up every inch of space possible. It would likely be easier to text each other goodnight than try to talk from either size.

It's also the softest bed I've ever slept on. My hips have welcomed the softness after our hard-as-rock embassy-provided mattress back in Bogota (a mattress that has proved a sleeping challenge early in this pregnancy, and I can only imagine the havoc it will wreck in 4-5 months time). It must have either a foot-deep feather topper or be made entirely of feather* or it's just old and soft and sloppy (the least likely option given the condition of everything else here). The problem is that you sink into it so much that it requires a not-small feat of athletic ability -ability that I'm sorely lacking these days- just to get out of bed.

Also, the pillows -while also feather-filled and huge and king size like the bed- are far too big and uncomfortable. I'd thought about bringing my own, but ended up only bringing "the necessities". I've since decided that, for insomniac pregnant ladies, a comfy pillow IS a necessity. Lesson learned.

*This particular insomniac pregnant lady found herself unable to sleep last night due in part to having the song "Grandma's Feather Bed" running a loop in her mind. Please tell me you know that song!? Or is it just me, having grown up in hicks' ville Saskatchewan, home of Pilsner, bush parties, Rider Pride**, Bunny Hugs, and Under Ducks.

**Can we take a moment for the hurting Rider Nation? Two years in a row being handed a defeat by those Habs-loving Allouettes. *sigh* I read a comment on Facebook Monday morning that totally made me laugh... it went something like, "Did you hear that? It was the sound of every heart in Saskatchewan simultaneously breaking... It sounded something like a foot stepping on bubble wrap." Funny.


  1. i'm so happy that you guys have finally made it to what looks like paradise. and i hope the sun comes out for you too.

    sorry to say i'm one of those habs-loving al's fan. i promise i wasn't one of those stomping on the bubble wrap. it was more like a merry jig. ;-)

    happy vacation!

  2. Enjoy your time and get outside!!! I'm thinking, if you ask the staff for a child size pillow --they may have one! And I love "Grandma's Feather Bed" with John Denver, but don't know if I would want it running through my head all night. Maybe you will get tired enough to really sleep!!!!

    Enjoy!!! The boys you and Peter should love being there in the sand and water!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  3. Sounds and looks like so much fun! Hope you guys get some good rest and can't wait to see more pictures! I really wish I could hear the ocean and dolphins outside while sitting on my heart broke just a little, too. hahahha

  4. So glad you guys finally made it! Have a blast!!


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  6. Amy, my comment BETTER BE QUEUED because your post was still on my mind this morning and I CAME BACK to re-read that bit about the blue water and the JUMPING DOLPHINS? And the beach part, and the warm part. Anyway, make with the approvals. I demand recompense for this jealousy.

  7. Or.... perhaps I didn't even leave one in the first place? Ha..ha....


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